Sanjivani Written Update 19th November 2019: Sid gets another chance with Ishaani’s efforts

The episode starts with Guddu about to take Aasha’s name but starts coughing. Aasha, before Guddu could take her name, comes to them and says that she will take him home . Guddu keeps pointing Aasha and Ishaani notices it. Sid says that the meeting would have been over by now and he himself will take Guddu home. Ishaani says that she will meet him in hospital. Sid thanks her. Ishaani prays to God to save Sud too just like he saved Guddu.

Rahil and the other doctor are still struggling to hold the door when security comes and opens it by taking them away. They were about to leave when Ishaani comes with many people shocking them. She says that all this while they heard everything bad about Sid. But they need to hear the good about him too. She asks the patients one by one whom Sid treated to give their statements including the boy whom he saved using his money and the girl whose parents are suicide bombers. She says that doctor Sid is a good doctor and asks them to taken decision that they wouldn’t regret later. Rest is your choice.

The members start voting as they decided to not wait for Sid. Anjali gives her last vote and asks Shashank to vote too. Shashank recalls the patients statements about Sid. He also recalls Sid’s mistake and the insult and votes furiously. Vardhan smirks seeing it. The voting procedure starts and Anjali counts the vote. Sid comes to the hospital. Anjali keeps the favour votes on left side and against votes on right side. The voting gets equal with Shashank’s vote deciding the result and Anjali reads it. Aasha texts Vardhan what happened and Vardhan gets furious at her. Ishaani comes out crying and asks if his career is ruined. Ishaani says that nothing is ruined as Shashank and board members voted on his favour. Sid and Ishaani cries happily and Juhi sees it. Vardhan comes out of the hod furiously and gets in his car and drives away.

Sid says that he feels as if he has come back to life again. Ishaani says that fate has given him another chance and asks him not to ruin it. Both cry in each other’s arms. Vardhan meets Aasha who says thar she got to know what happened. She asks if he’s angry. Vardhan laughs it off saying that if he didn’t get pearl then diamond is meant for him. Ge says that in the next chance he will ruin Sid as a human too along with doctor that Shashank despises him. Aasha asks about Ishaani who keeps ruining their plans. Vardhan says that they will deal later with her.

Hospital staffs discuss about Ishaani saving Sid and Sid hears it. Juhi explains what Ishaani did and Sid feels lucky. Ishaani hears it and decides to find the culprit.

Precap : Ishaani calls Guddu yo enquire about him. He says about Aasha being the reason for his missing and also says that she didn’t search for him at all. Ishaani gets shocked.