Sanjog 10th November 2022 Written Update: Amrita tries to pacify Tara

Sanjog 10th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gauri spiking Amrita’s drink and the latter starts feeling drowsy. She goes inside her room and takes some medicine. She becomes unconscious while Tara comes out of her tution class and starts waiting for her mother to come. She recalls her father stating that Amrita will come to pick her. She sees everyone leaving the place and tries to stop one of her classmate. She ask the latter to play with her but she denies and reminds how Tara didn’t let her touch her toys. She goes away from there while Tara starts feeling scared. She becomes nervous and starts crying while Gauri and Gopal sees her hiding from aside.


Here, Gopal feels bad for Tara and ask Gauri to help the latter. He reminds that she is their own daughter, to which Gauri ask him to follow her plan. She says that Tara is her daughter and is strong enough to face the situation. She ask him to wait so that their plan can work properly. Whereas, the weather gets bad and it starts lightening. Tara screams in fear and cries loudly.

Gopal gets worried for Tara while Gauri stops him from helping the latter. Meanwhile, Amrita gets into deep sleep. Tara gets the flashback of Amrita’s words where the latter has adviced Tara to count till 50 whenever she feels scared. Amrita promises Tara that she will help her till her counting geta over, while the latter closes her eyes and starts counting.

Elsewhere, Chanda gets inside Amrita’s room and wakes her up. The latter gets astonished while she questions that when Tara will return back. Amrita gets shocked and rushes downstairs to bring Tara back. She ask Rajeev for help while gets relieved upon seeing Tara with him. He lashes out at her for being careless towards Tara while the latter keeps crying.

Amrita apologizes to Tara but she denies to forgive her. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari also scolds Amrita and says that she doesn’t care about her own daughter. Meanwhile, Gauri starts her drama and tells that she got shocked to see Tara’s state. She proclaims that she was worried for the latter and went to Amrita’s room to ask about her but saw her sleeping peacefully. She proclaims that she felt restless and went in search of Tara and then found her.

Ahead, Rajeshwari ask Gauri not to do any household chores. She gives the responsibility of Tara to Gauri while the latter smirks as her plan gets successful. Meanwhile, Amrita cries and shows the cake which she prepared for Tara. She insists the latter to forgive her and shows her genuine concern towards her. Whereas, Tara throws away the cake and rebukes her mother.

Amrita gets heart broken while Tara denies to accept Amrita as her mother. The latter goes inside her room and cries while Chanda comes there and feels bad for Amrita. She also cries along with her and says that she feels attached to her. Meanwhile, Amrita wipes Chanda’s tears and ask the latter to smile. Whereas, the latter reveals the truth that Gauri sended her inside the store room and it was Tara who locked her but states that she doesn’t know why Gauri lied to Amrita.

Further, Amrita appreciates Chanda’s nature and ask her to always be like that. Whereas, she confronts Gauri and states that no one can break her and Tara’s bond while the latter smirks and mocks Amrita. The latter gives blank cheque to Gauri and ask her to fill whatever amount She want and in return she have to sign the contract that she won’t have any relationship with Tara ot Chanda. Gauri then goes inside Chanda’s room and ask that why she told the truth to Amrita. She threatened to tear Chanda’s book while Gopal stops her. Whereas, Amrita gets inside Tara’s room but the latter denies to talk to her. Amrita finds a trick to pacify her daughter and says that she called her favorite actor Ranbir Kapoot, while Tara gets excited.

The episode ends.

Episode starts with Gauri asking Chanda to go towards the store room. The latter follows her mother’s instructions while she smirks. Tara also goes towards the store room and sees Chanda looking at her gifts. She gets furious and locks the door, the latter becomes shocked and ask Tara to open it. She gets scared in the dark surrounding and insists the latter to open the door, but Tara stays silent. At that time Rajeev and Amrita comes there. She immediately opens the door and releases Chanda. The latter hugs Amrita being afraid and then questions Tara that why she locked her? Tara denies the allegations, while Amrita ask her not to lie.

Here, Gauri comes there and supports Tara. She states that she was the one who mistakenly locked Chanda inside the store room and ask them not to scold Tara for it. Amrita denies to believe her and sits on her knees in front of Tara. She takes the hand of the latter and keeps it on her head. She ask Tara to tell the truth, while the latter gets furious and removes her hand.


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