Sanjog 13th September 2022 Written Update: Gauri scolds Chanda

Sanjog 13th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with seven years of leap, Amrita gets inside her daughter Tara’s room along with Manju. They gets shocked seeing the messed up things and tries to find Tara. Amrita calls her name, while the latter throws ball and other stuffs on Manju and Amrita. The latter ask Tara to stop misbehaving and tries to teach her good lessons, but she ignores her mother and declares that she won’t change. Amrita reminds Tara about going to school, but the latter declines and says that she don’t have any friends and so doesn’t want to go there. Amrita tries to make her realise the importance of education and says that it is necessary.

Here, Amrita gets hold of Tara and tells that she will have to go to the school whether she likes it or not. At that time Rajeshwari comes there and scolds Amrita for parenting Tara wrongly. She comes forward and smiles towards Tara. She brings out a chocolate and bribes the latter for going to school. Tara agrees while Amrita says that Rajeshwari’s way to convince Tara is wrong. She says that bribing a kid is not good.

Rajeshwari scolds Amrita for raising her voice in front of her. She declares that she knows how to handle kids and leaves from there. Amrita gets Tara ready and sends her to school, while Manju questions the latter that how she changed Rajeshwari’s feelings towards Tara, as the latter doesn’t even wanted to see Tara when she was born.

Elsewhere, Amrita says that a mother does everything to protect her kid and to give all the happiness to her. She recalls how Rajeev strictly asked her not to hurt Rajeshwari’s feelings. She gets flashes of the time when she called the priest and asked him to read the horoscope of Tara. He told that she will bring good health to her grandmother, while Rajeshwari gets elated hearing it. She re-confirms it with the priest and then takes Tara in her embrace.

Amrita gets emotional seeing Tara getting all the love of Rajeshwari. Whereas, Chanda’s siblings ask her to kill the hen but the latter denies. She releases the hen, while Gauri scolds her for doing it. She proclaims that Chanda doesn’t have any trait like them. Whereas, Manju also tells Amrita that Tara isn’t like her at all. Amrita says that it’s Tara’s childishness and assures that she will become sensible when she grows up.

Ahead, Gauri shares her worry with Gopal’s mother that Chanda isn’t like them. Whereas, her other kids bring back the hen and gives it to Chanda. The latter denies to cut it and says that it is her friend. Gauri takes the knife and ask Chanda to look at her. She was about to kill the hen, when Chanda stops her and requests not to kill it. Gauri gets frustrated with the behavior of her daughter.

Tara fights with her classmates and steals their stuffs, while the teacher calls Amrita to the school. Meanwhile, the latter finishes her work and gives it to the other staff. She gets worried for Tara and rushes to her school. She gets shocked finding about all the complaints and the way Tara had beaten all the kids. She denies to accept the allegations on Tara, but the teacher ask the latter to take a decision.

Further, Amrita takes the transfer certificate of Tara and brings her to the house. Rajeev lashes out at Amrita for her decision, while she replies that Tara needs to learn a lesson. She proclaims that their daughter needs friends, while Rajeshwari also comes there and supports Rajeev. They both rebukes Amrita for taking a wrong decision and worries that where Tara will get admission, to which Amrita replies that she will teach her daughter on her own.

The episode ends.

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