Sanjog 14th November 2022 Written Update: Gauri reveals about kidnapping Tara

Sanjog 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita confronting Gauri about kidnapping Tara while the latter denies her allegations. She proclaims that she haven’t done anything but Amrita becomes suspicious. At that time Rakshita comes there and shows her support towards Gauri. She proclaims that she saw the latter sleeping and assures that she wasn’t involved in Tara’s kidnapping. Gauri starts her acting in front of Amrita while the latter becomes emotional and goes out to find Tara. Meanwhile, Rakshita questions Gauri that why she made her lie to Amrita?

Here, Gauri taunts Rakshita and proclaims that the latter herself is hiding about a huge truth from Amrita. She reminds her about the affair of Rajeev and her and threatens that if she doesn’t support her then she will reveal it to Amrita. Whereas, Rakshita ask Gauri that if she has kidnapped Tara and questions that if the latter is safe?

Gauri starts thinking and recalls the flashback when Amrita goes out of Tara’s room after checking her. She then gets inside Tara’s room and makes her unconscious. She picks the latter and kidnaps her. She then gives Tara to the goons and explains about her plan.

Elsewhere, Rajeev gathers all the money which kidnappers have demanded for. Rajeshwari and Ranjini also cries thinking about Tara while they worries about her wellbeing. Meanwhile, Rajeev also gets emotional and Amrita calls Alok asking if he traced the number of the kidnappers? To which he replies negatively and states that they are wise enough to protect their location.

Amrita gets shattered and ask Alok yo do something to save Tara. He assures her and states that soon they will be able to find Tara. He tries to comfort Amrita, while the latter determines to save her daughter. She then goes to pray in front of the God’s idol while Rajeev also comes there and prays for Tara. He gets shattered while Amrita consoles him.

Ahead, Amrita ask Rajeev to stay strong and reminds that their daughter is brave enough to face the situation. She goes towards Tara’s portrait and utters some motivational words. The latter couldn’t able to breathe inside the box but somehow able to get a hole to take oxygen. She shouts for help while the kidnappers again call Rajeev and scolds him got involving the police.

Gopal confronts Gauri about her plan while she ask him to wait and watch. She smirks thinking about her plan and then Kidnappers ask Rajeev to come to the godown and ask to send Amrita inside with the money. The latter agrees for it and proclaims that she can risk her life to save Tara. She goes to the godown along with Rajeev while he waits outside.

Further, Amrita demands to see Tara while the goon points gun at her. She stays firm and proclaims that she won’t go without taking Tara. He shoots in the air while Rajeev gets inside the godown. He fights with the goons but the captured him. Tara comes there with other goons while Amrita cries seeing her daughter and ask her to be brave. They both runs towards each other but the goon fires in between them. They both falls apart and cries upon getting hurt.

The episode ends.

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