Sanjog 15th November 2022 Written Update: Gopal gets concerned for Tara

Sanjog 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita and Tara running towards one another but the goon shoots in between them and they falls apart. They both gets hurt and cries while the other goons comes and takes Tara away from there. Amrita tries to stop them but the kidnapper throws a smoke bomb towards her so that the latter couldn’t able to see anything. Rajeev fights with the goons and runs towards Amrita, while she goes inside the godown to find Tara and searches inside the boxes but couldn’t able to find her daughter. She gets heart broken and screams Tara’s name in pain.

Here, Rajeev comes towards Amrita and ask about Tara, to which she replies that the goons took her away along with the money. She cries while he consoles her and assures to find their daughter. At that time Alok also comes there and proclaims that they can still find the kidnappers via tracker. He shows his phone and says that they can track them. They goes towards their car and gets inside it to follow the kidnapper’s truck.

Rajeshwari along with Ranjini keeps praying for Tara and Amrita’s safety. Ranjini notices Gopal seeing his phone being anxious and questions about it. He gets tensed but Gauri handles the situation and lies that he is being worried about Tara and Amrita as it’s been long since they left. Ranjini continues her prayers while Gopal thinks about the goons.

Elsewhere, Rajeev proclaims to teach a lesson to the goons. They keeps following them while the truck of kidnappers gets stuck in the traffic jam. Rajeev also gets stuck while Amrita goes out of the car and gets upon a truck to peak inside it. Whereas, the goons sees her from the other truck and runs away from there. She tries to follow them but gets failed.

Rajeev comes to console Amrita while Alok sees the tracker on the road. He states that now they can’t find the goons while Amrita cries being disheartened. Meanwhile, they reaches home and tells about the matter. Amrita proclaims that she will save her daughter no matter what. She ask Alok to involve commissioner so that they can take help from him.

Ahead, Rakshita comes there and ask Amrita not to involve the police. She states that if the kidnappers find about it then they can harm Tara. Rajeev goes against Rakshita and he proclaims to give 20 crore rupees to the one who will find Tara. Gopal gets shocked hearing about the amount and takes Gauri aside.

Gopal ask Gauri to end their plan and take the money from Rajeev by giving back Tara. She stops him and ask him to follow her plan. She smirks thinking about her goal, while Amrita misses Tara and gets emotional remembering her. She goes inside her daughter’s room and sees the video sended by the goons. She notices the sound of train and temple and tries to find the place where they could have kept Tara.

Further, Chanda prays for Tara and helps Amrita to find the place. They goes there whole Gauri and Gopal also meets the goons and the latter takes the kidnappers away. Whereas, Gauri breaks the bottle on her head and it starts bleeding. She states that now everyone will believe that she saved Tara and then carries an unconscious Tara. Meanwhile, Amrita sneaks inside the house hiding from the goons and gets shocked seeing Gauri carrying Tara. She concludes that Gauri was the one who kidnapped her daughter.

The episode ends.

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