Sanjog 16th November 2022 Written Update: A shocker for Amrita

Sanjog 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gauri harming herself in order to act in front of Kotharis that she saved Tara. She carries the latter when she was unconscious and starts taking her away from the godown. Whereas, Amrita sees her and concludes that she was behind Tara’s kidnapping. Gauri comes face to face with Amrita while the latter confronts her. Gauri runs away from there while Amrita tries to catch her. She follows the latter and Gauri reaches the bridge. She threatens to throw Tara down from there and ask Amrita not to come near her. Amrita gets scared and ask Gauri not to do anything to Tara.

Here, Gauri smirks and proclaims to teach a lesson to Amrita. She states that she will harm Tara if Amrita won’t go away from there, whereas the latter starts counting. Gauri gets confused with Amrita’s behavior and questions her about it, while she glares at Gauri and states that she have a backup plan to save her daughter from Gauri.

At that time police comes there while Gauri gets shocked seeing them. The police surrounds her and Rajeev snatches Tara from Gauri. He rebukes her for trying to harm his daughter while Gauri starts her acting and proclaims that Amrita was the one who asked her to take Tara away from the house.

Elsewhere, Amrita takes Tara and cries caressing her hair. Gauri shows the cheque and lies about Amrita bribing her for kidnapping Tara. She also reveals that Chanda is Rajeev and Amrita’s daughter, while Tara is her and Gopal’s daughter. She reveals about the swapping of the kids and also tells about her true identity.

Rajeev denies to believe Gauri but the latter shows all the proofs and twists it against Amrita. Tara gets conscious and hears Gauri’s statement. She becomes shocked and again faints being weak. Whereas, Rajeev confronts Amrita while she tries to explain her perspective. She lashes out at Gauri for lying while the latter says that she can vow on her daughter.

Ahead, they goes inside the Kotharis house and the doctor assures that Tara will soon get fine. Chanda gets worried for Tara and looks after her, while the latter gets conscious and recalls Gauri’s words. She pushes Chanda away from her and proclaims that she is not her friend and only a servant. Chanda gets hurt by Tara’s words and becomes emotional.

Rajeev reveals the truth in front of his family and accuses Amrita to be a lier. He proclaims that she don’t deserve to be near Tara while the latter tells that Gauri is lying and she gave her money only to keep Chanda with them. Gauri and Gopal stands their seeing the drama, while she ask him to stay quiet. Meanwhile, Rajeev proclaims that he can’t stay with Amrita anymore and ask her to leave the house, while Rakshita gets elated and thinks that they will get rid of Amrita.

Further, Amrita denies to go out of the house and proclaims that she have all the rights to stay there. She cries and recalls how she accepted everyone as her own, while Rajeev breaks his ties with her. Rajeshwari interferes in between them and denies to accept Rajeev’s decision. She proclaims that Amrita won’t go anywhere and states that the truth will be in between them. She tells that it can effect the kids life and so advice everyone to hide it from the society. She confronts Gauri and ask her to give Chanda to them, while Gopal becomes shocked.

The episode ends.

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