Sanjog 16th September 2022 Written Update: Gopal risks his life to save Chanda

Sanjog 16th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita getting inside Gopal’s house in order to find her daughter. Whereas, Chanda takes her box and sees someone entering the room. She thought Amrita to be her mother, while the latter starts going towards Chanda, when Gopal comes there and takes his daughter away from there. Amrita gets shocked and runs behind them to see Chanda, but they elopes from there and meets Gauri along with their family. Chanda says that someone was calling her name and ask Gopal to stop but he denies and shows his concern towards her. They runs inside the jungle to escape the police, while Amrita breaks down as she couldn’t able to see her daughter’s face.

Here, Amrita goes through the box kept by Chanda and spots the locket. She gets emotional and determines to find her daughter, while Alok also comes there and proclaims that Gopal and his family elopes away from there. Alok consoles Amrita while the constable tells him that Amrita’s phone is continuously ringing.

Alok goes to check on the phone, while Rajeev gets furious at Amrita for avoiding his calls. He looks after his daughter and becomes concerned for her. She murmurs Amrita’s name in an unconscious state, while Rajeev calms his daughter and looks after her. He again tries to call Amrita, while Rajeshwari and Ranjini keeps instigating him against her.

Elsewhere, Ranjini ask Rajeev not to bother about Amrita and ask him to take care of himself. She shows her fake concern towards him and Tara, while Rajeshwari puts fire on his anger against Amrita. Meanwhile, the latter runs away to find Chanda and follows a truck. Alok sees her and rushes behind her on a bike.

Amrita gets on the truck and ask them to stop. Alok also stops them and gets concerned for Amrita. They ask the driver to open the truck and gets sad upon finding nothing. Amrita cries while Alok tries to console her. He proclaims that one day they will surely get her daughter back, while at that time she sees Rajeev’s call and answers it. She was about to say something when he ask her to return back to home.. She gets worried and goes back.

Ahead, Chanda slips down the hill and was about to fall down, when Gopal risks his life to save her. Everyone gets tensed, while Gauri holds Gopal. He assures Chanda that he won’t let anything happen to her and brings her up. Gauri hugs Gopal showing her concern for him and shows her fear to loose him, while he hugs Chanda and showers his love to her. Gauri gets jealous seeing their bond.

Amrita reaches the house and gets confused seeing the scenario.. She questions about the matter and ask if they have given medicine to Tara? Rajeev rebukes her and Ranjini also starts taunting her. Amrita tries to make them understand about the matter, but no one let’s her speak. Tara gets happy seeing Amrita and expresses her fear, while the latter comforts her and makes her sleep.

Further, Rajeev confronts Amrita and the latter tries to tell him about their real daughter Chanda. He gets shocked hearing her words, while Tara hits Amrita and runs away from there proclaiming that she won’t leave the house. Tara also gets critical and falls unconscious, while Amrita gets concerned for her. But, it all turns out to be Amrita’s dream. She tells Rajeev that she will tell him the truth afterwards and ask him to have faith on her, while he looks on.

The episode ends.

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