Sanjog 18th November 2022 Written Update: Tara denies to accept Chanda as her sister

Sanjog 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gopal telling Chanda about their decision. He makes her understand that she have to live with Kotharis from now on, while the latter gets shocked. She denies to leave her family and insists Gopal not to send her away. The latter gets emotional seeing his daughter but keeps himself strong for the better future of Chanda. She rushes towards Gauri and insists her not to let her go, to which the latter says that it’s necessary as they will get benefit only when Chanda will go stay with Kotharis.

Here, Amrita also comes there and feels bad seeing Chanda’s state. The latter suddenly brings Gauri’s saree and starts stitching it. Gopal along with Amrita and her siblings gets confused seeing it and insists the latter to stop. They questions Chanda that what is she doing and feels worried about her. The needle pierces her finger while she winces in pain.

Amrita gets teary eyes seeing Chanda while the latter rushes towards Gauri and states that she has stitched the saree which got torned by her. She request her mother to let her stay with them and not to send her away. She states that she won’t be able to stay without them, while Gauri makes her understand that she have to call Amrita and Rajeev as her parents.

Elsewhere, Gopal feels bad and hides his pain. She feels difficult in sending Chanda away from himself. Gauri sees Amrita standing there and thinks that the latter can take back her promise if she gets emotional seeing Chanda. She rebukes the latter and ask her to stop crying. She ask her to go to Amrita and lashes out at her.

Amrita holds Chanda and assures Gopal that he will always be her father. She glares at Gauri for being a bad mother and then takes Chanda towards the hall. Rajeshwari mingles with her and ask Amrita to erase all the memories of Chanda’s past life. She also ask her to get Chanda ready for the puja. She talks to Chanda and says that she looks like her.

Ahead, Tara gets furious at Chanda while Rajeshwari ask her to share her room with the latter. She says that they both will be like sisters but Tara denies to accept it. She pushes Chanda down and the latter falls on the floor. Rajeshwari rebukes Tara, while Chanda takes a stand for herself against Tara. The latter gets shocked by Chanda’s behavior while Rajeev takes her upstairs. Amrita tries to make Tara understand but the latter lashes out at her.

Tara and Chanda sleeps on the same bed while Amrita comes there disguised as mini mouse. She dances in front of them and entertains them. They enjoys the performance and then goes to sleep. Whereas, Rakshita scolds Rajeev for not being concerned for her while he says that she won’t understand his problem. Gauri hears their conversation secretly.

Further, Amrita gets Chanda ready while Tara gets jealous of their bond. Gauri enjoys the lavish facility and orders the servant her favorite foods. Meanwhile, she goes to Tara and tries to talk to her while the latter confronts her about the truth. She ask if Amrita has given her money to kidnap her while Gauri lies to her and replies positively. At that time Amrita comes there and Tara apologizes to her. She then looks at Gauri and smirks, while the latter understands her plan.

The episode ends.

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