Sanjog 19th September 2022 Written Update: Rajeev denies believing Amrita

Sanjog 19th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Alok enquiring about Gopal and his family. He tries to find clue about the latter in order to find Chanda. He determines to give Amrita’s real daughter to her and alerts his constables. They all keeps an eye on Gopal’s movement and tries to find him. Whereas, Tara gets elated upon seeing Amrita and hugs her. She insists the latter to stay with her and ask if she will again leave her? To which Amrita denies and assures Tara that she will always be with her. Meanwhile, Rajeev gets furious at Amrita and goes out of the room, followed by Rajeshwari and Ranjini.

Here, Rajeshwari and Ranjini instigates him against Amrita and ask that why he didn’t scolded her for the mistake. Rajeshwari proclaims that Amrita is not obeying anyone, to which Rajeev reveals that he is helpless. He expresses his love towards Tara and gets emotional remembering the time when he holded her for the first time.

Rajeev says that he would have given divorce to Amrita long back because there isn’t anything in between them anymore. He continues that he is helpless because court always prefer to give the child custody to the mother and that is why he is bearing Amrita for so long. Rajeshwari and Ranjini smirks hearing about it, while he injures his hand, being furious at Amrita.

Elsewhere, Amrita prays for her daughter Chanda and questions the God that why she snatched the happiness of Chanda? She cries and says that she has given birth to Chanda and wants to see her as soon as possible. She also decides to keep both her daughters together and also thinks about the real parents of Tara.

Gopal hides inside the temple along with his family. He decides to do a major thing in order to save his family, especially Chanda. He shows his love towards the latter, while Gauri tries to stop him. She warns him about the danger but he denies to listen to her and states that he can do anything for his daughter. Gauri follows him as he was about to leave the temple. He calls someone and discuss about a plan.

Ahead, Gopal takes his family into the truck and starts going somewhere. He explains that it is an important step to save his family from the police. He insists them to have faith on him, while Alok sees his truck and starts following him. Gopal along with his family gets scared while the katter consoles them.

Gopal sees his daughter Chanda and ask her not to get afraid. He proclaims that he will always protect her and then drives the truck fastly. Alok gets shocked seeing the truck falling down the cliff and gets blasted. He falls down and becomes devastated. He recalls his promise to Amrita and cries, as he couldn’t able to save her daughter.

Further, Amrita confronts Rajeev and decides to tell him the truth. She notify him about the birth of two babies Tara and Chanda together on the same day. She apprises that their daughter got exchanged with Tara, while everyone gets shocked. Rajeev lashes out at her and scolded for saying it. He proclaims that only Tara is his daughter, while Ranjini also rebukes Amrita for lying. The latter says that she is telling the truth but they denies to believe her. Whereas, Rajeev reveals to he isn’t giving her divorce only because of Tara, while Amrita gets dumbstruck.

The episode ends.

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