Sanjog 21st September 2022 Written Update: Chanda enters inside Kothari’s house

Sanjog 21st September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita getting confused after seeing all the preparations. She tries to help Rajeshwari and Ranjini in order to handle the work, but the latter ignores her. At that time Ranjini forwards sweets to Amrita and ask her to taste it, while the latter accepts it happily. She ask about the occasion, to which Ranjini replies that they are doing puja and serving food to the poor, in order to give peace to Amrita’s dead daughter Chanda. The latter gets shocked and denies to accept it. She thinks within herself that her daughter Chanda is still alive. Rajeshwari commands Amrita to serve the poors, while the latter goes outside.

Here, Gopal comes to the fair along with his family. They changes their getup in order to mix well with the public. Gopal makes Chanda to sit on his shoulder and ask her to see whole of the fair. He proclaims that he will make her eat whatever she wants to eat. Meanwhile, Gauri gets furious at Gopal’s thinking and ask him not to waste money on Tara.

Gauri sees the photo frame of Amrita and cleans it properly. She gets excited to be on the same city as Amrita. Whereas, at that time they hears about the free food given by Kotharis. Gauri decides to go there in order to feed their hunger, while Gopal gets into thinking. His mother scolds him and takes him towards the truck.

Elsewhere, Gopal and his family excitedly sits inside the truck and goes to Kotharis house. Whereas, Gauri recalls the palace to be Amrita’s house. She gets mesmerized and then apprises Gopal also about it. She becomes elated after seeing the palace in reality.

Amrita also comes out along with Tara while Gauri gets freezed after seeing her. She keeps staring at Amrita and Tara. Gopal and his mother also gets stunned seeing Amrita, while the latter starts serving the food to them. She praises Rajeshwari’s idea to feed the poor people and prays for her daughter Chanda.

Ahead, Tara was playing when a dog starts barking at her. She gets scared and was about to run away, when Chands comes there and controls the situation. She helps Tara and saves her life, while the latter takes her inside the palace. She gets afraid of Gauri and thinks about taking her permission, while Tara laughs and somehow convinces Chanda to come along with her.

Rajeev sees Tara with Chanda and ask her to clean her hands. He also shows his concern towards Tara after learning about the dog incident. Whereas, Rajeshwari and Ranjini also comes there. Chanda bends to take their blessing but they ignores her. Amrita feels bad for Chanda and picks her up on her arms and gives her a big hug. Chanda gets elated and enjoys the motherly love.

Further, Rajeev scolds Amrita for hugging Chanda and ask her to clean herself first. Whereas, Ranjini starts dragging Chanda towards the room. Tara starts crying and hauling and proclaims that she just want to play with Chanda and no one else. Rajeev couldn’t able to deny his daughter and stops Ranjini from throwing Chanda away, while the latter shows her gratitude towards her father and resumes her play with Chanda.

The episode ends.

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