Sanjog 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Gauri threatens Chanda

Sanjog 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chanda coming into the party wearing a clown dress. Everyone gets shocked seeing her while Tara smirks. She recalls how Chanda was crying inside the room. Tara shows her fake concern towards Chanda and asked about her worry, to which the latter replies that she doesn’t want to become a Kothari. She proclaims that she just want to be with her father Gopal and her original family. Chanda continues that the elders have already taken a decision and they can’t change it. She also tells about Amrita’s words that she can have two families. Tara gets the opportunity to instigate the latter and ask that if she has seen anyone having more then one family?

Here, Chanda gets into thinking and replies negatively to Tara’s question. Tara states that Chanda will have to do all the family things with Kotharis and slowly slowly she will get far away from her own family. Chanda gets scared and says that she doesn’t want anyone else other then her original family, while Tara gives her advice to misbehave with Kotharis, so that they won’t adopt her.

Tara makes Chanda dressed up like a crown and ask to ruin the party. The latter follows her advice in hope of getting her own family back. She misbehaves with Amrita when the latter questions her about not wearing the dress which she has given her. Amrita becomes shocked by Chanda’s behavior and gets teary eyes. Whereas, Rajeshwari tries to handle the situation and looks at Gauri.

Elsewhere, Gauri apologises to everyone from Chanda’s side and takes her away from there. She threatens the latter and ask to accept her new family. She proclaims that if she doesn’t anything to ruin her plan then she will separate her from Gopal. Chanda gets scared while Gauri sends her upstairs to get changed.

Chanda comes back wearing the proper dress while Gauri makes up an excuse that the latter got a little scared. Whereas, Rajeshwari calls the lawyer and then announces about adopting Chanda. Rajeev signs the papers, while Gauri also signs it. Rajeshwari officially announces about Chanda being adopt by them, while Amrita gets elated. Tara becomes furious while Chanda cries thinking about getting away from her family.

Ahead, Rajeev declares his decision in front of Amrita after the party. He says that he is separating their room as he doesn’t want to stay with her anymore. She gets shocked and tries to stop him. Rajeshwari comes in support of Rajeev and says that Amrita fails to fulfill her duties as a mother and wife. She compares her with Gauri and says that the latter is better the her. Amrita gets sentimental and says that she have given her everything to their house.

Rajeshwari challenges Amrita and ask her to fulfill all her vows of marriage to prove that she is suitable for Rajeev. She looks at her husband and ask if he really wants her to do it? To which he states that he never denies Rajeshwari’s words. Amrita accepts the challenge and determines to prove herself. Whereas, Rakshita gets elated and shows her gratitude towards Gauri for helping her. The latter advice Rakshita to flop Amrita in proving herself and ask to show that she is better then her.

Further, Rajeshwari goes inside Chanda and Tara’s room. She looks at Chanda and says that the latter resembles her. Tara hears her voice and gets jealous while Rajeshwari goes towards her and talks to her. She tries to gain Rajeshwari’s love but the latter goes away from there. Meanwhile, Amrita confronts Rajeshwari and says that it isn’t good for the kids to hear about the home politics. Rajeshwari rebukes Amrita and ask her to concentrate on her challenge. She also declares Chanda to be the heir of their family while Tara hears it and gets furious. Whereas, Amrita prays for her kids and family.

The episode ends.

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