Sanjog 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Amrita gets furious at Gauri

Sanjog 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Amrita looking after Tara. She combs her hair while the latter screams in pain and tells that Amrita is hurting her. She ask her to slow down, while the latter tries to detangle Tara’s hair. At that time Rajeev comes there. He smiles at Tara and sits along with them. He ask about the matter and tells Amrita to never cut Tara’s hair. He plays with it and makes Tara laugh, while Amrita gets elated seeing her family happy. Meanwhile, Gauri intentionally interferes in between them and talks to Rajeev.


Here, Amrita gets irked seeing Gauri but controls herself. Whereas, Tara insists Rajeev to play with her but he denies and notify her about his important meeting. He tells that he came there just to pick his file and bids adieu to them. Meanwhile, Tara ask Amrita to take her to the park to play.

Amrita questions Tara about her school and tells her to complete her homework. Gauri hears their conversation and gets an idea. She goes inside the kitchen and intentionally messes with the oven. She starts shouting while Amrita comes there and sees the burning inside Oven. She scolds Gauri and warns that it could have blasted.

Elsewhere, Gauri lies to Amrita and says that she doesn’t know how to use it. Amrita sends her away from there and starts handling the issue. Whereas, Gauri goes to Tara and ask to come along with her to the park. The latter gets elated and followed Gauri. Tara enjoys as Gauri makes her play in the swing.

Gauri smirks thinking about her plan and stops the swing. She intentionally tangles Tara’s hair to the swing and pushes her. The latter starts crying due to pain while Gauri brings out the scissor to cut her hair. Tara cries asking not to cut her hair, while Gauri states that it is necessary.

Ahead, Amrita and Rajeev looks for Tara while Gopal tells different lies to both of them. Meanwhile, Chanda brings Amrita towards Tara and the latter gets shocked seeing her daughter in pain. She stops Gauri and detangles Tara’s hair. She calms her daughter and then sends her along with Chanda. She then confronts Gauri and rebukes the latter for her deeds.

Rajeev also comes there and Gauri instigates him against Amrita and proclaims that she doesn’t look after Tara well. He then confronts Amrita and scolds her, while she tells him about how much she does for her daughter. She gets teary eyes as he compares her with a nanny. He gets injured and hisses his mother’s name while Amrita makes him realise that no one can take a mother’s place.

Further, Amrita confronts Gauri and gets furious at her. She offers her money and asl to stay away from her daughter while Gauri ask to tell the password of jewellery room. Amrita and Gauri gets into an argument while the latter threatens to put Gauri behind the bars but the latter doesn’t gets scared and replies back to Amrita. Meanwhile, Amrita determines to protect her daughter. Later, Gauri brings comfortable pillows for her family while Gopal appreciates her efforts and insists her to tell the truth to Tara.

The episode ends.

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