Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Update: Gauri gets slapped by Ranjini

Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gauri getting inside Chanda and Tara’s room. She threatens to harm them in order to get the password of jewellery room from Amrita. The latter gets worried for the kids and tells Gauri that Tara is her own child. Gauri laughs and reveals that she already knew about the truth and recalls the time how she find about it. Amrita becomes shocked seeing her reaction, while Gauri states that she doesn’t care about the kids and demands for the password strictly. Whereas, Amrita insists Gauri to give her one day to think about it.

Here, Amrita makes a request to Gauri and the latter gets convinced. She ask Amrita not to oversmart and goes from there, while Amrita feels scared for her kids. She then prays to the God and ask for a solution. At that time Gopal comes there while she feels scared seeing him. He helps her and shows his gratitude towards her for helping him to meet his daughter. He assures her that he won’t cause any problem in the house.

Gopal speaks about his daughter being Chanda and thanks Amrita for letting her be with them. Amrita gets shocked learning that Gopal is unaware of the truth and gets an idea to defeat Gauri. She becomes elated and shows her gratefulness towards God. She then starts working inside the kitchen, when Gauri comes there and confronts her for the password.

Elsewhere, Amrita gives a befitting reply to Gauri and denies to give the password to her. Gauri threatens Amrita while the latter warns her back stating that she will reveal the truth to Gopal that Chanda is not his daughter. Gauri becomes shocked while Amrita ask Gauri not to blackmail her again and ask her to think about the consequences.

Gauri gets speechless and warns Amrita not to tell anything to Gopal. She becomes concerned for him while Amrita ask Gauri to stay in her limit. Meanwhile, Gauri gets furious and goes inside Ranjini’s room to clean it. She gets anxious and imagines her reflection taunting her. It proclaims that Gauri can never be able to fulfill her dream.

Ahead, Gauri gets furious and breaks the perfume in anger. At that time Ranjini comes there while Gauri immediately hides inside the cupboard to save herself. Ranjini sees the broken perfume and becomes confused. She then looks at the cupboard and finds it open. She goes towards it and sees Gauri hiding inside it.

Ranjini lashes out at Gauri and slapped her, while the latter gets furious. She was about to bring out her knife to harm Ranjini when Amrita comes there and stops them. She points out that both are at fault and ask Gauri to talk politely so that everyone can hear her and proclaims that Ranjini did wrong by slapping her and apologises for it. Gauri leaves from there, while Rajeev sees Tara’s result and blames Amrita for her marks.

Further, Amrita says that Tara has improved and takes a stand for herself while others taunts her for not caring about Tara. Meanwhile, Amrita appreciates Chanda for completing her homework while Tara becomes jealous of them. Whereas, Gauri complains about the situation to Gopal and says that she wants to fulfill her dream. He says that they stopped stealing and ask her to change while she denies and mistakenly reveals about Chanda not being his daughter, while he gets shocked.

The episode ends.

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