Sanjog 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Gauri instigates Tara against Amrita

Sanjog 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tara ordering Gauri to clean her shoes and ask her to look after her hair as her birthday is coming and she wants to look the best. Gauri smiles and states that she knew about her birthday and proclaims that she is her mother and not Amrita. Whereas, Gopal sees them and hears their conversation from the door. Tara laughs as she hears Gauri’s statement and proclaims that she don’t have any status to become her mother. Gauri assures to complete Tara’s work and then starts instigating her against Amrita.


Here, Gauri tells Tara that there is a queen and princess. She continues that the queen is very cruel and she always used to scold the princess to do all the work. Tara gets scared and recalls her moments with Amrita. She remembers how she used to scold her all the time to do her work.

Gauri smirks and says that how the queen used to torture the princess while Tara gets afraid. Meanwhile, at that time Amrita comes there and becomes confused seeing Gauri inside Tara’s room. Whereas, Tara looks at Amrita being fearful. She herself drinks the milk and stays silent while Amrita praises.

Elsewhere, Amrita goes to bring Chanda inside Tara’s room so that both of them can sleep. Meanwhile, Rajeev and Rajeshwari excitedly plans for Tara’s birthday. At that time the latter comes there in school uniform. Rajeev states that Tara won’t go to school and ask her to start her preparation for the birthday party.

Tara gets elated and removes her bag while Rajeev gives authority to Amrita to teach dance to Tara and also ask her to manage the birthday celebration. Amrita happily accepts it and starts teaching dance to Tara. Meanwhile, Gauri and Chands sees them from aside.

Ahead, Gauri ask Chanda to go towards Amrita and starts dancing with them. The latter agrees to her mother and starts dancing in front of Amrita and Tara. Whereas, the latter praises Chanda while Tara gets furious as well as jealous if Chanda and shouts at Amrita for only praising Chanda.

Tara goes towards Gauri and ask her to teach her dance. Amrita ask Tara to come back to her and starts pulling the latter towards her but Tara starts crying. Rajeev comes there and ask about the matter, while Tara complains about Amrita. Rajeev rebukes her and gives permission to Gauri to teach dance to Tara.

Further, Gauri teaches dance to Tara while the latter gets jealous seeing Amrita dancing with Chanda. Amrita also found about Gauri’s ploy to get close to Tara and confronts her that she won’t let Gauri win. The latter reminds Amrita that Tara is her own blood and proclaims that she won’t be able to separate them. Amrita also challenges Gauri that Chanda and Tara both will dance while the latter glares at Amrita.

The episode ends.


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