Sanjog 9th November 2022 Written Update: Gauri spikes Amrita’s drink

Sanjog 9th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gauri asking Chanda to go towards the store room. The latter follows her mother’s instructions while she smirks. Tara also goes towards the store room and sees Chanda looking at her gifts. She gets furious and locks the door, the latter becomes shocked and ask Tara to open it. She gets scared in the dark surrounding and insists the latter to open the door, but Tara stays silent. At that time Rajeev and Amrita comes there. She immediately opens the door and releases Chanda. The latter hugs Amrita being afraid and then questions Tara that why she locked her? Tara denies the allegations, while Amrita ask her not to lie.

Here, Gauri comes there and supports Tara. She states that she was the one who mistakenly locked Chanda inside the store room and ask them not to scold Tara for it. Amrita denies to believe her and sits on her knees in front of Tara. She takes the hand of the latter and keeps it on her head. She ask Tara to tell the truth, while the latter gets furious and removes her hand.

Tara questions back to Amrita and ask if she believes Chanda more then her? Amrita was about to reply when Rajeev comes in between them and rebukes Amrita for putting allegations on their daughter. He then gives gifts to Tara while she complains that her friends already haves it. He promises to buy new ones for her and then takes her away.

Elsewhere, Amrita gets sad and prays in front of the God’s idol. She ask God’s help to teach correct lesson to Tara while Chanda also prays along with her for her and Tara’s friendship. Meanwhile, Gauri gets into a conversation with Gopal as he sees their family picture.

Gopal says that he wants to live peacefully with his family while Gauri states that she will fulfill all her dreams and provide all the luxury for her family. She determines to give all the happiness to her kids and Gopal, while he states that he wants both his daughters Tara and Chanda along with them.

Ahead, Rakshita secretly meets Rajeev while Gauri follows them. She sees both of them getting close to one another and starts recording their conversation as well as actions. She smirks while Rakshita tells Rajeev that it’s hard for her to wait for him anymore and insists him to get divorce from Amrita as soon as possible.

Gauri confronts Rakshita and threatens her with the video. The latter gets scared and agrees to do as per Gauri’s saying. Whereas, she determines to use her for her plan. She also rebukes Rakshita for snatching Amrita’s husband and twister her wrist as the latter tries to defend herself. Meanwhile, Amrita tries to talk to Tara but the latter ignores her.

Further, Amrita decides to make a cake for Tara in order to surprise as well as pacify her. She starts the baking while Gauri keeps an eye on her. Rajeshwari notices her and makes a comment while Gauri handles the situation. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari and Ranjini goes to the market, while the lights gets off. Amrita goes to check the lights whereas Gopal repairs it. Later, Gauri spikes Amrita’s drink and smirks thinking about her plan while the latter drinks it and feels drowsy. She goes inside her room and gets unconscious.

The episode ends.

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