Sanjog: Amrita to get concerned for Tara!

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Zee Tv’s popular daily soap “Sanjog” is grabbing the attention of the audiences. Viewers are loving the track, whereas the twists in the story is keeping them hooked to their television screens. Previously, Kotharis started planning for Tara’s birthday party and Rajeev gave all the responsibilities to Amrita.

Meanwhile, Gauri instigated Tara against Amrita and the latter got furious at Chanda and her mother’s bond. Amrita got worried about Tara’s behavior and warned Gauri not to manipulate her daughter.

In the current track, Tara denies to learn dance from Amrita after seeing her being close to Chanda. She goes towards Gauri and request her to teach her dance. Amrita tries to stop Tara but the latter starts crying and Rajeev came in support of her.

Here, Amrita tries to celebrate Chanda’s birthday but Gauri creates an issue. Rajeshwari came in support of Gauri and ask Amrita to apologise to the latter. She does as per her saying while Gauri gives an evil smirk.

Amrita warns Gauri and ask her not to play with the feelings of her daughters. Gauri proclaims that she won’t back away from her plan. She taunts Amrita while the latter states that she can do anything to protect her daughters.

Ahead, Kotharis welcomed guests for Tara’s birthday party. They all praises Tara for her outfit while some also starts complimenting Gauri. Tara gets jealous and intentionally pushes Chanda down. Amrita gets concerned for her while Gauri tells her to win the dancing competition.

Gauri pressurises Chanda while the latter practices to win the competition. Meanwhile, Tara gets jealous seeing Amrita looking after Chanda rather then her. Chanda performs her dance while Tara also performs on stage but mistakenly falls down.

Later, Amrita joins Tara and helps her to get up. She dances with her and everyone appreciates them. Meanwhile, Amrita ask Chanda to cut the cake along with Tara but the latter denies and proclaims to cut it on her own. Whereas, Rajeev rebukes her and ask to concentrate on Tara rather then Chanda.

Now in the upcoming episode, Amrita will celebrate Chanda’s birthday along with Gopal and her siblings. She will ask Chanda to make a wish before cutting the cake. Whereas, Gauri will determine to break Chanda and Amrita’s bond in order to fulfill her plan.

Will Gauri gets successful in her plan?

Will Amrita celebrate Chanda’s birthday?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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