Sanjog: Will Gauri use Tara to fulfill her dream?

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The peculiar twist in the tale of Zee Tv’s popular daily soap “Sanjog” is enthralling the audiences. Previously, Gauri threatened Amrita and asked for the password of jewellery room. The latter got scared for her daughter and took one day time from Gauri.

Whereas, Amrita found that Gopal is unaware of the truth and decided to use it against Gauri’s plan. Meanwhile, Ranjini slapped Gauri for her mistake, while the latter becomes furious.

In the current track, Gauri shares her problem with Gopal while he tries to calm her down. He assures that everything will get fine and takes a stand for Amrita stating that she is providing everything for their daughter Chanda. Gauri becomes irked and unintentionally revealed the truth to him.

Here, Gopal gets shocked finding about the matter and denies to accept that Chanda is not his daughter. Gauri realises her mistake and tries to explain the situation to Gopal. She tells that how Chanda and Gauri got swapped.

Gopal becomes stunned finding about the mistake he did inside the hospital and breaks down, while Gauri calms him and assures that soon they will get rich and proclaims that Tara will fulfill all their dreams and needs.

Ahead, Gauri fakes her sweet behavior towards Amrita while the latter gets suspicious. Meanwhile, Gauri gets inside Tara’s room and manipulates her stating that she is a princess and she doesn’t need to do any of her work.

Tara bribes Chanda and gives her a frock in return of completing her home work. Amrita checks Tara’s work and ask her to tell the truth. Chanda notified her about doing Tara’s work being scared while the latter scolds her and ends her friendship.

Later, Amrita scolds Tara and ask Gauri to stay away from her daughter. Meanwhile, Ranjini gets suspicious about Amrita and Gauri’s conversation and tells Rajeshwari about it. They confronts Amrita but Gauri lies and saves the latter. Whereas, Gopal gets emotional after seeing Chanda while Gauri reminds him that their daughter is Tara.

Now in the upcoming episode, Amrita will try to find Tara and gets worried about her. She will question Gopal about her while he reveals that she is in the backyard. Meanwhile, Rajeev will come downstairs and Gopal will tell him that Tara is playing in the playground. Gauri will bring out scissor to cut Tara’s hair while the latter will start crying and shouts for help. Meanwhile, Amrita and Rajeev will come there being tensed for their daughter.

Will Amrita be able to save Tara?

Will Gauri be able to get the password?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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