Sarabjeet decides to send Meher back to her house: Choti Sardarni

Colors TV choti Sardarni will see next that after doctor will disclose a shocking statement, Sarabjeet will decide to keep Meher away from Param.

If you follow the show, than you must be well aware of the current track which is revolving around Meher and Param’s bond.

Meher on the first day at Sarabjeet’s house reveals to Sarabjeet that she is pregnant with the child of the man she used to love. Sarabjeet asks Meher to leave the house before Param starts bonding well with her. But Meher stays back at house fpr Param’s sake. Here, Sarabjeet decides to separate Param from Meher.

In the episodes it is seen after Meher behaves rudely with Param, Param gets upset and later he falls sick.

Meher figures out that Param is suffering from chicken pox. She asks Sarabjeet to support her till he gets well.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, doctor will inform Sarabjeet’s family that Param can a threat to someone who is carrying the baby. Later, the doctor will ask Meher to stay away from Param.

Sarabjeet after hearing doctor’s word will decide to keep Meher away from Param as she is pregnant. He will call her mother and will ask her to Meher back.

What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Do Meher will leave Param and will go back? Do Param will let Meher go? What Sarabjeet will do next to keep Meher away from Param? Well, time will only tell. For all the answers keep watching the show, Choti Sardarni, mon-fri on Colors TV.

As per the latest re[orts the cast and crew of Choti Sardarni will fly Europe to shoot a specail sequence. Stay tuned with us for more news, spoilers, latest updates and written updates of  your favorite television shows.