Sarabjeet decides to support Meher: Choti Sardarni

Colors show Choti Sardarni is witnessing high voltage drama.

Sarabjeet doubts on Meher for using his money wrongly. Further, Income tax department calls Meher for the investigation but she didn’t co-ordinate with them.

Last we saw, Param is still angry with Sarab and Meher. Sarab goes to Param to console him but Param ask to leave him alone, as he knows his fight with Meher is still going on. Sarab goes back to Meher and sees her ordering something. Meher hides the card from Sarab. Sarab ask Meher why she didn’t go to Param to console him. Meher says it’s good sometimes to give space to the kids.

Later, on Meher was called for the investigation but clueless about the money Meher didn’t co-ordinate with them.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Sarab himself will investigate the matter.

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The officials from the income-tax department infrom Sarabjeet that Meher is under their radar for an alleged scam worth crores of rupees. Sarabjeet will tell to the officer not to involve Meher in all this. Officer will further reveal to Sarab that Meher has been already interrogated. She adds, Meher thought they were joking with her and didn’t co-ordinate thus the will call her back again.

Meher will be trapped in the scam and now it will be interesting to watch what Sarabjeet will do next to save Meher from this trap.

Do Sarabjeet will be able to reach the real culprit? Do Meher will be able to prove herself innocent? Well, time will only tell. Keep watching the show, mon-fri on Colors TV.

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