Sarabjeet doubts Meher’s intention? : Choti Sardarni

Colors TV Choti Sardarni enter the top 5 and is ruling the TRP chart with 2.6 ratings. Show holds great plot and drama in the series is always high.

Choti Sardarni story plot so far is revolving around Meher, Param and Sarabjeet. Meher’s mother Kulwant for the sake of fulfilling her wish of becoming party leader makes Meher to marry Sarabjeet. She killed Meher’s boyfriend Manav to make a way for Meher and Sarab.

Meher after getting married with Sarab tells him the truth of her being pregnant with Manav’s child. Sarab feels cheated and ask Meher to distance herself from his child Param. But Param and Meher’s bond is getting stronger with the time.

Now last we saw, Sarab’s PA informs him that Meher withdraw money from his account. Sarabjeet and his PA. goes after Meher to find out the truth. The duo spots Meher at the bank with the money and further they see Meher giving money to some man. Sarab gets confused and wishes none is blackmailing Meher for the money. Here, Kulwant decides to take sweets to Meher’s house thinking Sarab accepted Meher’s child thinking Meher is pregnant with his child.

In the upcoming sequence will see, Sarab will again spot Meher giving amount to her brother jagga.

Mehre wishes to end the relationship with her brother by paying him his share of the money. On the other hand, Sarabheet stalks Meher to her maternal house.

Do Sarab will suspect Meher’s intension? Do Meher will be able to clear Sarab’s doubt? Well, time will only tell. Keep watching Choti Sardarni, mon-fri, on Colors TV.

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