Sargam ke Sade Sati 14th April 2021 Written Update: New mission awaits Awasthis

Sargam ke Sade Sati 14th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alokik helping Dhadhu with his motion sickness. They find Appu and Aasthik coming home in a bad condition. Sargam asks what happened. Appu shows the remaining spare parts of the scooter. Sargam is treating them and asks how they got into accident. She asks if they bumped into truck but Appu says he clashed with buffalo. Appu recalls riding the scooter with Aasthik and stuffs. He bumped with a buffalo standing on road side while taking a turn. Chedhilal worries for his scooter. Aasthik asks can’t he see them who were damaged more. He blames the scooter for their condition. Chedhilal scolds them for not riding it right. Sargam consoles Appu and Alokik says its all because of buffalo. Aasthik asks them to not take the name of buffalo. Chedhilal mocks them. Aasha asks Chedhi to make use of the opportunity.

Next day, Aasha calls lawyer and asks them to file a case claiming 5 lakh against the buffalo owner for the damage caused. Aasha says that before them buffalo owned lodged case on them. The buffalo owner comes there and blames Appu for the damage happened to his buffalo. Sargam says they are the one who got hurt because of their buffalo. He says from the time the accident happened his buffalo named Susmita neither speaks nor having food or water.

Sargam asks is that a reason to complaint against them. The owner says that he complained because his Susmita is not yielding milk and he’s suffering losses because of it. They say that their buffalo hardly yield 15 litres milk and they can pay for it. They asks what’s the reason for lodging complaint for it. The owner demands them to pay daily for the loss. They offers to buy a new buffalo but the owner denies it. He asks them to treat his Susmita 5 so that she yields milk. He says he’s giving his Susmita to them. He leaves leaving the buffalo..

Appu pleads Sushi to yield milk but the buffalo says no. Sargam asks him to call with full name. Sargam too tries and buffalo responds. Sargam sweet talks with buffalo and asks what she wants to eat. Sargam leaves to prepare food for buffalo as per Aasthik’s saying. Chedhilal is seeing accounts for the shop. Eklavya wants to have pizza but Chedhilal warns him against it. Sargam gets feed for Susmita.

Awasthis gets worried seeing Sargam’s food as they are aware how bad she cooks. Sargam praises herself about her handmade food. Awasthis wonder how to stop Sargam from feeding buffalo as it will die for sure. They decide to stop it even if Sargam gets hurt. They try their best but Sargam feeds the food to buffalo. The buffalo eats the food and acts weird. Everyone gets scared.

Precap : Awasthis manage to make Susmita yield milk but yet another trouble waits for them.

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