Sargam ke Sade Sati 15th April 2021 Written Update: Sargam solves the problem with Baba’s advise

Sargam ke Sade Sati 15th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alokik saying that Susmita is actually enjoying the food. They all get happy that they don’t have to eat the food as buffalo liked it. Sargam says her signature dialogue “choti choti baatein kushiyan badi badi” and the buffalo likes it. The others try it too but Susmita doesn’t like it. The buffalo only like Sargam. Sargam asks them to call the owner and try yielding the milk. The buffalo poops and Dhadhu envies it. Aasha asks him not to get disheartened as Sargam’s food will help him with his motion sickness too.

Appu calls the owner and says about his buffalo happily eating. The owner asks if it yielded milk. He asks him to not forget that if it doesn’t yield milk then it would be a big problem. He threatens to sue him if something happens to his cow. Appu assures him that it will yield soon. Aasthik gets ready to yield milk from buffalo and Sargam tries keeping Susmita happy. Suddenly they hear a continuous horn sound and Susmita gets angry with the sound. They realize that it’s Pinky’s scooter and goes out asking her to shut it.

Pinky says her horn is repaired and Appu cuts the wire to shut it. Pinky shouts at him and Appu says that he’ll pay for it. Everyone goes in only to find Aasthik in a bad condition due to Susmita’s anger. Aasthik angrily lashes out at them for taking so much time to shut a horn. Sargam and Appu gets fed up.

Chedhilal brings feed for Susmita. He blames Appu for all his expenses. He also complaints about Pinky taking 2000 rupees from him for her damaged horn. He calls Appu bad omen. Dhadhu happily comes out saying that he went to washroom without any struggle or pressure. He gives credit to Baba for giving an idea to wear gloves in his hand to apply pressure. He says it worked out well and he doesn’t need their help anymore. Aasha suggests Appu to take Baba’s help in helping the buffalo yield milk. Eklavya says that it’s 300 rupees for 10 minutes consultation with Baba.

Eklavya connects the call but everyone were busy chatting with him that the call got cut before Chedhi could say about the problem. He once again pays and explains about his problem to Baba. Baba asks if he wants to reduce his punishment. Appu says he want way for no punishment. Baba says it seems that the buffalo has gone into shock due to the horn sound during accident. Appu praises him. Baba asks them to make the buffalo listen to buffalo’s favourite music to bring it out of the trance. Before he could say more the time limit ends and the call gets cut. Sargam gets an idea and calls the owner.

The owner comes there with all the things that’s needed to bring music to keep Susmita happy. They all starts playing the sounds to bring out Susmita out of her shock. Their plan works and the buffalo yield milk. The owner gets happy and Appu asks if he will take back case. The owner agrees. The owner tries taking it away but it stands firm. Alokik asks Sargam to say her signature dialogue. Sargam says the dialogue and Susmita moves away. They both leave and everyone sighs in relief. Appu is about to say that the food time has started when Lamp falls down breaking.

Chedhilal calls him bad luck once again. Appu is frustrated that his bad time hasn’t left him yet. Aasha asks Appu to take Baba’s help in getting him out of his bad luck. Sargam calls it nonsense as she believes that everything psychological. Alokik asks Sargam if she doesn’t believe on bad luck and Sargam says she doesn’t. Chedhilal once again calls Baba who says that it’s all because of his horoscope and says the only solution for it is remarriage for Appu shocking everyone.

Precap : Baba comes go Awasthi Niwas and says that Appu should marry a buffalo in order to clear the issue in his horoscope. Sargam swears to not let it happen at any cost.

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