Sargam ke Sade Sati 20th April 2021 Written Update: Sargam proves Baba is fake.

Sargam ke Sade Sati 20th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pinky pleading Baba to solve her life problem too. The girl says he’s a very big Baba and he can understand what’s her problem just by seeing her face. Baba manages with an excuse. Reporter asks Baba about the marriage. Baba says his own life should have been changed in as he has to become an Anchor and not Reporter. The Reporter agrees with him and gets happy when Baba says he will be the boss.

Aasthik asks Sargam why she’s sitting without doing anything Sargam says sometimes this is the right way to deal with things. Baba makes Chedhilal spend more money. Chedhilal introduces him to buffalo’s owner. He asks Sargam why’s she not doing anything to stop the marriage. He taunts her and asks her to do some task.

Pinky comes again when Baba says about her relationship with Canada NRI. He asks her to colour her lips with violet lipstick to get married to the NRI. Pinky finds it weird but agrees. Gupta also comes there to get his blessings from Baba to get their another shop too. Appu is getting ready for the marriage but is upset that Sargam isn’t happy about it. He wants to stop the marriage while everyone scolds him. Sargam comes there and makes him ready for the marriage. Media covers the news live and Appu makes the buffalo wear varmala. Alokik has thought about an idea to solve the issue. He makes it like the buffalo makes him wear varmala too. Sargam says he seems to know many tings.

Pinky calls Sargam and says that her alliance with NRI was cancelled. Baba’s man hears it hiding. Appu is taking rounds with Susmita when Pinky comes there running. She says Baba that her problem was not solved and asks him to say the problem himself. Baba stammers and signals his man who says about Canada NRI. Baba says the Same and asks her not to worry. He gives another advise to her. Sargam shows them where he has a counter of Sheri ones.

Sargam says she wanted to expose him in front of the media. Baba tries running away and they catch him. She says one shouldn’t blindly trust anyone in useless beliefs. They all understand it and apologizes Sargam. Susmita’s owner says that since the marriage is stopped they can use the mandap for Aasthik and Aishwarya marriage. Aastha tries to jump off the railing.

Precap : Alokik and Sargam sense their Mummy’s presence around.

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