Sargam ke Sade Sati 7th April 2021 Written Update: Alokik’s vibes proven true?

Sargam ke Sade Sati 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aasthik in bathroom while Chedhi asks him to come out. He scolds Alokik for threatening Aasthik that he got vibes that he will get married in a year which is why he locked himself in bathroom. Alokik is catching vibes when Sargam comes there. Sargam tries explaining but Alokik diverts her. Appu gets ready as Mummy for an audition but Alokik says that according to his vibes he will not get the role. He leaves to find others vibes. Appu assures Sargam that he will get the role but Alokik once again says that he will not. Appu fumes.

Aasha is once again fighting with Pinky for parking her scoot near his house. Alokik says Eklavya that he gets vibes that he’s going to get beaten up but Eklavya doesn’t mind it. He sends Aasthik away. He’s trying to fix water pipe but by wrong connection Aasha gets drenched in water. Pinky laughs at him. Aasha furiously marches towards him and starts beating him up. He scolds him for drenching him in water. Alokik says that he’s getting vibes that he will not get beaten up anymore. Eklavya sighs in relief.

Aasthik tried to escape his jinx using Guruji’s idea. He asks everyone to say that he will not get married. He says once he hears that for multiple times the jinx will not work. Chedhilal gets ready to attend an important event. Alokik tries stopping him saying that he’s getting vibes that he will get into trouble today. Chedhi doesn’t believe him and says that he’s leaving for sure. Appu agrees with Chedhi. He says that Alokik said he will not get the role but he just got a call that he was shortlisted for the role.

 Eklavya says his vibes are not completely wrong as he got beaten up by Aasha just like Alokik said. Aasha too agreed with Eklavya. He says Alokik warned him during his marriage procession that he’s getting bad vibes but he didn’t believe him. Chedhi rubbishes it off saying that it’s his fault he couldn’t handle his wife. He leaves for the meet while Sargam pleads Alokik to not behave like this in front of her mother. She says her mother is already having so much issues with the family.

Sargam is giving directions to her mother who’s driving the car in her street. Her mother keeps complaining about the nasty roads and Awasthi family while Sargam takes stand for Awasthi. Chedhi is standing near a ladder who was painting the wall. Latha’s car is about to hit Chedhi when je moves aside. The paint falls on Chedhilal and he throws curses at her not knowing its Latha. In tension, Latha’s car hits Aasthik and he gets injured. Appu says Chedhi that it’s Latha’s car and if she gets to know that it was him who badmouthed her then she would definitely take Sargam away. Chedhi sneaks away with Appu while Latha learns that she has hit Aasthik. She apologises Aasthik and blames the guy for diverting her attention. She searches for Chedhi but couldn’t find him.

At home, Sargam apologizes Aasthik on behalf of Latha. She’s also angry at the guy who lashed out at her mother. Appu takes water with him cooking up some excuse in the meantime. Chedhilal washes himself up while wonders how to go in with his inners. Aasha brings him clothes and Appu says that it was Chedhi who fought with Latha. Aasha says him about Aasthik Chedhi enters with Appu and Aasha. Chedhi asks Latha to let it go but Latha swears to avenge her insult. Aasthik too sides with her and lashes out at the offender. Chedhilal gets scared.

Precap : Sargam wishes to check the CCTV footage to find the person who behaved so rude with her mother. Awasthi men gets scared.

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