Sargam ke Sade Sati 8th April 2021 Written Update: Will Chedhilal gets caught by Latha?

Sargam ke Sade Sati 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Appu serving wrong drinks to Latha. Appu gets confused when Latha orders a high class drink while Chedhi sends him to buy the ingredients in order to keep Latha happy. Aasthik wants to find the culprit while Alokik says that he’s getting vibes that the culprit is somewhere very close to them. Sargam comes there and says she asked for CCTV footage from Jain jewellers. They will soon catch the culprit. Aasthik gets happy hearing it. Latha says she will stay in the house until they catch the culprit. Chedhi gets scared. Chedhi reveals to other members of the family except Sargam and Latha that the culprit was him. Chedhi lashes out Aasthik for his words. Alokik says his vibes were right.

Chedhi agrees with him and regrets for not listening to his words. He pleads Alokik to find a way for him to escape. Alokik tries ways to make Latha leave the place forgetting the incident. Latha starts walking when Sargam comes there. She asks if she was sleep walking. Latha asks how could she sleep with such a bad smell coming near her. Sargam says that she don’t get any smell. Latha feels bad for her daughter’s condition who sleeps with flower petals smell but now can’t even recognise bad smell. She says she heard Alokik voice out of the window and speaks mocking him. Their plan gets failed.

Appu serves detox water to Latha. He once again messes with it while Latha asks Sargam to leave to catch the culprit. Chedhi tries convincing her otherwise but she asks him to think about Aasthik. Chedhi signals Aasthik something and he says that his Guruji came in his dream and asks him to forgive the guy for piece of mind. However Latha says that she also dreamt that she was thrashing that guy with all her friends. She wants to make it happen and leaves with Sargam and Aasthik. Dhadhu suggests Chedhi to leave to Haridwar but he says that Latha won’t leave him even if he leaves there.

Sargam and Aasthik comes with Latha to Jain jewellers. A girl makes move on Aasthik and so he doesn’t get down from the car. Sargam and Latha checks the CCTV footage while Aasthik updates others about the situation. Alokik is conducting prayers to create vibes to stop getting Chedhi exposed. Just as they expected Latha couldn’t spot Chedhi as the hard disk got damaged due to voltage fluctuations. Everyone gets happy hearing it. Chedhi feeds strawberries to Alokik praising him powers. Appu says he’s still not completely right as he predicted that he will not get the role. Soon Appu gets a call from production house who comments badly about his acting skills and asks him to never try acting ever.

Appu gets disappointed while Alokik eats the strawberry. Latha is about to leave in her car when she finds scooty parked on the way. A kurta falls on her face and Sargam says that it’s Chedhi’s kurta. She says he wore it yesterday but wonders how it got coloured. Latha recalls the kurta to be the culprit’s and understands that it’s Chedhilal. While everyone are enjoying Latha shows him the kurta. Chedhi asks Appu to beat up Alokik while he will hear her taunts. Latha scolds Chedhi while Alok gets beaten up.

Precap : Akki speaks unparliamentarily language and neighbours picks a fight with Aasha.

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