Sargam Ki Sade Sati 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Sargam’s dream interrupted.

Sargam Ki Sade Sati 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sargam saying Alokik that she saw Vimla in her dream. Alokik believes that Vimla wants to say something to Sargam and that’s why she came in her dream. He asks her to sleep again to find out what it is. Sargam says she gets dreams only in her deep sleep and asks them to not make a noise. Sargam goes to sleep and Alokik kept disturbing her. She scolds him. Both he and Appu sneaks in to find Sargam sleeping soundly.

They wonder why did their mother visit Sargam and not them. Sargam in her dreams meets with Vimla who praises her for taking care of the family so well. She says that she’s giving a responsibility to her that is to find a prospective bride for the eldest in the home. She asks promise from her and she complies. Sargam wakes up from her sleep and expand what their mother said. Appu and Alokik wonders Where’s Sargam. Sargam says that they need to find a bride for eldest which is Dhadhu.

Dhadhu was watching TV and finds about few elderly people getting admitted in ashram and he doesn’t want to go through the same. Sargam cows there and asks if he feels lonely and Dhadhu immediately denies. Sargam understand that it may be even be Chedhi as he’s the who is always lonely and wants to find a prospective bride for him sargam shares this news with Aasha and Aasthik and they are against it. They say that it’s impossible to remove Vimla from Chedhi’s heart. Sargam says they had to do it in order to fulfil the promise given by her to Vimla.

Chedhilal is passing by when Kripa eyes him. He helps her with tomatoes and recalls Vimla’s tomato chutney. He says no one can make tomato chutney as tasty as her. Kripa gets jealous and says that she can make good chutney too. Chedhilal says she can’t but Kripa challenges him. Sargam and Awasthis share the information to Dhadhu who realizes his blunder. They all plan for finding a bride for Chedhilal.

Precap : Sargam believes that Kripa is the right pair for Chedhi and decides to chat with him creating fake ID as Kripa to know his thoughts.