Sargun Mehta shines in Moh; gets a lot of appreciation from celebs to Janta

The most anticipated movie of 2022 was undoubtedly Moh starring Sargun Mehta and Gitaaz Bindrakhiya, directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. The reviews of Moh have been extremely positive and the lead actress Sargun Mehta has been highly praised for her performance. One of her co-actors, singer Ammy Virk mentioned on his social media that Sargun’s performance in the film has been the best across the film industry. Then there are various public reviews that include special mentions of Sargun for her soulful performance in the film. Sargun plays the character of Gore who worked as an orchestra dancer to earn basic rudiments for her family before getting married. Sargun has delivered many hits in the Punjabi film industry and is the recipient of many popular awards.

There are various public reviews where the audience has mentioned about Sargun’s flawless performance, specially commenting how sensitively she has managed to play the role of Gore. Known as the queen of blockbusters, Sargun is proving her talent with every new performance. Also there is one review from a very reputed media house which says Sargun should get an Oscar for her performance in the film. One of the reviewers has mentioned every scene in the film is owned by her and this is probably Sargun’s best performance. Famous music composer from Punjab Jaani has mentioned Sargun’s performance as legendary in Moh. Undoubtedly Sargun’s contribution to the Punjab film industry is remarkable and the way the Punjabi films have reached globally a lot of credit goes to Sargun.

Additionally, Sargun’s last Hindi film was Cuttputli and she has been praised for that too as she put up a stellar performance alongside Akshay Kumar. More power to you Sargun.