Saroj to accuse Sirat for Ranveer’s death: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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With Ranveer’s demise, drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata will galore. Saroj will turn against Sirat and will accuse her for Ranveer’s death. Kartik will try to side Sirat. Saroj will question Kartik and Sirat’s relationship, which will leave Sirat and Kartik stand stunned. How Kartik and Sirat will handle the situation will be interesting to watch. What will be Narendra’s next move against Sirat and Kartik? Goenka’s welcome Sirat back in their life or not, well time will only tell.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Ranveer spends good time with his family. He see a tree without leafs and think one day his life will end too one day. Ranveer sleep. Sirat cries for Ranveer. Next day, Ranveer sees the falling leafs from the tree. Sirat come and Ranveer handover his shares to her. He asks Sirat not to refuse as he knows, she can fight the world but can’t handle Narendra. Ranveer about to tell Sirat about his proposal to Kartik. Kartik come and stops Ranveer from telling truth to Sirat. He makes an excuse and send Sirat. Ranveer yet ask Kartik to support Sirat. Kartik leaves the place and asks Ranveer not to stress him anymore. Kartik think he can’t marry Sirat but he will always support her as a good friend.

Later, Ranveer’s health worsen. Sirat and Kartik worries for Ranveer. Ranveer urges Kartik and Sirat to promise him that they both will stay together forever. He asks Kartik and Sirat to fulfil his last wish. Sirat and Kartik asks Ranveer not to talk odd. Ranveer give Sirat’s hand in Kartik and breathe his last. Sirat and Kartik cries for Ranveer. Chauhan cries for Ranveer too and decides to avenge Sirat and Kartik.

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