Sasuraal Genda Phool 2: Ishaan to propose Titlee?

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The Star Plus’s popular Television show “Sasuraal Genda Phool” is back with season two. Now the show concentrating on Ishaan realizes his feelings on Titlee!


In the previous episode we saw; Disha felt guilty for treating Titlee badly. She thought that she insulted her a lot though she didn’t reveal her truth to all. She decided to apologize to her. Meethi complained to Indar that whatever he done to Titlee was wrong one. Indar asked her to stop taking class to him. He knew well how to treat a thief. Meethi complained that he set an wrong example to all today and left. Rani asked him to understand what that kid tried to say and accept his mistake. Indar was adamant in his decision.
Rani questioned him why didn’t he take Disha to police station? He told her that she stoled without option. Rani said Titlee to turned out a thief because of her hunger, her dad forced her to do it in childhood days. Indar felt guilty for his deeds there. Meethi and Ishika planned to lift Titlee’s mood there. Disha met Titlee and apologised to her for her mistakes. Titlee shared to her that she can able to understand her situation and alerted her those peoples were danger one.

She shouldn’t take risk alone. Disha felt guilty for her deeds. Ishika and Meethi made Titlee laugh. Rano confronted Ishaan. He shared to her that he promised to protect Titlee he can’t able to break this so he is leaving to Singapore along with Titlee. She emotionally plead with him to don’t go. Later Alok and Shailaja tried to make Rano understand she done wrong to Titlee.

In Today’s episode we see; Disha, shares to Shailaja that she is not able to sleep. Shailaja tells her whatever happened in this house not right at all! Disha shares to her that she is well aware she done a big mistake. She done everything for Eilesh. Shailaja shares to her its her family she can share anything with them open. They will stand for her always without hesitation.

It’s not the matter of bangles she stoled. What’s hurting her the most the way this family treated Titlee. She feels guilty for the mistake they done to her. She fears what will happen to Titlee tomorrow here. Ambarnath comes there Disha excuses them. Ambarnath shares to Shailaja that someone evil eyes fall on their family that’s why they lost their happiness in recent times.

Shailaja shares her grief to him. Titlee reminds her moments with Ishaan and feels guilty for ruining his happiness by entering into his life. She notices that Ishaan walking on balcony without sleep. Later Ishaan calls Eilesh to meet.

He handover cheque to him for Disha’s need. He complaints that she didn’t share her problems with him or else this wouldn’t have happened! Eilesh refuses to accept the money. Ishaan gets emotional thinking they are treating him like stranger after he married to Titlee.

Eilesh shares to him nothing like that he is our family and they will stand for him. Ishaan shares his grief to him and complaints that Titlee is facing a lot here and he can’t able to see that happiness in her. Eilesh and Ishika finds it as love on Titlee. They demands him to propose her he nods to them. Meanwhile Titlee writes send off letter to Ishaan and keep it beside him. She reminds her beautiful moments with Ishaan and walks away apologies to him.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Ishaan will kneel down in front of Titlee. He will ask her to live with him life long and accept his love. Titlee will accept the rose happily giving nod to him.

What will happen next? Will Ishaan convince Rano? When will Rano understand Titlee?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates