Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th April 2022 Written Update: Rano feels Guilty

Sasural Genda Phool 2 14th April 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishaan, He searches for Titlee in her house. Goon comes there searching for Titlee. Ishaan fights with him and kicked him out of the house. He learns from Nimbu that Jagdeesh called him to get her number. Ishaan calls to Jagdeesh and demand him to share Titlee’s location. Jagdeesh first denies it then informs to him that Titlee went to surrender in police station. Ishaan gets shocked to hear it and rushes out to stop her.

Later Shailaja asks to Kashyaps what happened to Titlee? Why did she went out without informing to her? Is anything happened here without her knowledge? Raani shares to her everyone cornered her yesterday and accused her badly! doesn’t it enough to break her heart? Gayathri says that she may thought she won’t get place in this house. She is not wrong at all because she was facing only their hate from the day she came to this house. Indar says that she may went to surrender in police station. Raani informs to him its not a matter if she surrender in police station but Deva’s henchmen won’t let her do it.

They will do something to her if Titlee get caught in their hands. Rano shares to them that she has no idea about it all. She wishes to throw her out of her son life and give money to her. Shailaja prays for Titlee’s safety. Mean while Titlee cries thinking about her family. Goons notices Titlee there. Ishaan comes running to her. She gets shocked to see goon pointed gun at Ishaan.

Alok shares to Kashyaps that Titlee lost her life because of their mistake. Indar says that they are judging her that’s why. Eilesh shares to them that his family would have stand with him if he is in trouble but no one done this to Titlee. Alok shares to them that they were busy in searching for a good daughter in law.

When Titlee came here we only judged her work and her dad. They failed to understand who is she and how good her heart is? We didn’t give heed of her character at all. Meanwhile Titlee hugs Ishaan to prevent him save from gun shot. Goon shot Titlee, she faint down. Ishaan gets shocked to see it. He tries to wake her up and confessed his feelings to her. Later Ishaan informs to his family that Titlee got shot. Everyone gets panicked there and rushes to hospital.

Ishaan hugs Alok and cries his heart out. Rano tries to touch him but he pushes her hand away. He do the same with Indar too. Doctor informs to Ishaan that Titlee is safe because bullet didn’t damaged her organs. But she needs AB- blood. Rano says she has same blood take it from her and save her daughter in law.

Later Ishaan thank Rano for giving her blood to her. She asks him why is he thanking her. Everything happened because of her. She was thinking about his happiness and good life. She has no idea Titlee was his happiness. Alok too supports her and tells him they will be happy if they live together happily. Rano assures to him that she will share all her love to Titlee nothing to worry.

Ishaan thank her. Later Gayathri and Shailaja are doing pooja for Titlee. Shailaja asks her Is she share anything to Ambarnath? She denies it reasoning he loves Titlee a lot. Meanwhile Doctor informs to Ishaan that Titlee is very critical they can able to share everything after 15 hours only. Ishika shares her grief with Rani. Later Ishaan shares to his parents it’s all happened because of him. He was shot him but Titlee prevent him from it. He lost Suhana not Titlee.

Episode end.

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