Sasural Genda Phool 2 4th February 2022 Written Update: Titlee reveals a Twist

Sasural Genda Phool 2 4th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishika enters inside the house scolding Karan. Ishaan asks to her what happened to her? Avni excuse them and leaves. Ishaan asks to Ishika what happened with her dating? She informs to him its Karan giving shock to them. Later Ishaan talking in phone and noticed Titlee in his cabin. He asks to her doesn’t he asked her to come here after 2 hours? She informs to him that she has some work that’s why she came early. Ishaan asks to her Is her father created another problems with her? She says to him there is not only one problem in her life but many unlike his family. He apologies to her and gives the final payment to her. He asks her to count it.

Titlee says to him that there is no needed to count it because she knew it that he won’t betray the people whom with him. He says to her that he don’t understand one thing shall he ask this to her? She says to him there is no guarantee to answer him rightly? Ishaan asks to her doesn’t his father and brother is with her then why is she doing this work?

Titlee asks him to stop coming to this topic again. She shows the mirror to him and says this is his life there is so many people to love him and get his love. She turns the mirror and shows the black side of it and says to him its her life full of dark if she wish to go to light also she will end up in this darkness only at last. This is why we shouldn’t be a good friends. She is a girl whom came to help him on time now leaving after the work over. Ishaan says to her she is misunderstood it wrong.

Rano asks to Ishika why did she met that Karan after she broke up with him. Ishika shares her grief with her. Rano apologies to her for misunderstanding her and hurt her feelings. She consoles her to be calm. Ishaan turns Titlee to him. Ishaan tries to motivate her but she backs off and diverts him. Titlee says to him that she has no option in her life then doing this work but he has an another option that is Avni. Why don’t he marry her his whole family pouring love on him but he is not giving heed to all and stuck in his past life.

Ishaan gets a call and check the accounts. Titlee stops him from sending that mails and says to him it seems wrong way don’t he check it again. She asks him to don’t trust anyone when it comes to money. Ishaan thinks that she find out the mistake in a sight she is intelligent and talented one but she is not understanding it and wasting her life. Titlee finds a small notes for Titlee from Ishaan and feels emotional. She thinks that he is very good person whom she met in her life. So she wanna do something good in his life. Karan meets Kashyaps and talks with them happily. Rajini invites him to her coffee shop. Karan praises their family bond.

Badi Maa shares to him how did their life bonded with. Disha asks him to eat something. He says to her he is here to return Ishika’s wallet and also she don’t like him eating here. Dadi Maa praises him for always considering about Ishika’s feelings. Karan tries to leave from there after eating but Meethi stops him.

Disha asks to Karan why didn’t he brought Ishika’s favourite flowers? He says to her he forgot it. Rajini advises him to stop forgetting things. Badi Maa asks Ishika to meet Karan reasoning he is here to meet her and return her purse. She refuses to meet him. Rano too supports Ishika. Karan hears it and leaves. Titlee and Avni meets accidently. Titlee asks to her Is she working here? She nods to her. Titlee says to her that she is not loving Ishaan and he don’t love her too. They were doing drama and pretends like girl friend and boy friend.

Avni gets shock to hear it and asks to her why is she saying this to her? Titlee says to her that she feels like she betrayed Kashyaps they ate too good people she don’t wanna hurt them. She adds to her that his family members are bringing new alliance for him daily not understanding his heart he still loves Suhana and don’t wanna move on. He brought her to home to pretend like his girl friend and also made everyone hate her to the core. Then his family members won’t bring that topic again. She says to her he needs some time to move on they are not giving it to her but she wish Avni wanna understand him and be with him. She asks to her Is she really don’t work in his office where did they meet? Titlee asks her to stop talking like this and leaves. Jagdeesh meets Indar in an intoxicated state. He blabbers to him everything in drunken state.

Episode ends.

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