Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th August 2022 Written Update: Ishita announces her pregnancy!

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with announcement of Simar’s doubt about Riyansh. Suddenly Aarav asks about her confusion and she doesn’t say anything. Against she went to the doctor’s chember making queries for Riyansh but doctor denies to share the details of the patient. After the leaving the doctor, Simar checks the copy of the last prescriptions which was prescribed for Riyansh. After many trail, she finds the word abortion related to Riyansh. She becomes confused and nervous. Somehow she gets herself out from the doctor’s office.

Reema, Sandhya Vivaan appreciate Badima’s enthusiasm and courage for taking part in the ramp walk. Reema asks Badima, how did she feel to live in her dream. Reema purposes to be a super model. Badima and Vivaan assures to be so. Sandhya asks Badima when did she decide to join them in the ramp walk. Badima says it’s her responsibility to stand beside them. Then Badima take queries about Aditi, whether she is okay or not. Vivaan shows a clip of stunning her pose where she looked completely gorgeous. Other agree with him.

Being inebriated, Ishita fails to control herself and comes to discuss with Badima with her trembling footsteps. She wants to say something to Badima but she continues to blabber. Suddenly she vomits in the mid of her conversation. When Badima doubts whether she drinks alcohol or not. Being nervous for the questions of Badima, Pallavi and Chitra declare that Ishita is vomiting because she is pregnant.

On asking of Aarav, Simar confesses the aborting incident of Riyansh. Aarav becomes confounded and shocked. Simar assures about that the girl was Kavya. Aarav tells her to be sure. But Simar looks confused.

Badima gets irritated on their falsity. She doesn’t belive about her pregnancy. Badima says she wouldn’t forgive Ishita for desperation. Ishita continues to act and pretends to be pregnant. She emotionally influences Badima about the baby in her womb. Everyone bemuses to hear the news. Ishita apolizes for their desperation. Suddenly after the advent of Riyansh, he is confronted by everyone about his did. He perplexes. Ishita forces him to declare and to support the false news of her pregnancy. Riyansh becomes vexed to hear this.
Episode ends.

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