Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th June 2021 Written Update: Reema learns about getting cheated by Devesh

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Indu and Roma are very much scared and decides not to inform about this to Avinash. Roma tells that Geetanjali Devi don’t like Simar at all and now she is in bride costume. Barat arrives, Gagan comes to inform them about this. But he is in shock to see Simar wearing bride’s dress. Roma shouts and tells that Simar and Reema made fun of wedding and now what should they do. Gagan informs that he is there to tell them that Barat have arrived. Indu tells Simar that while helping Reema she forgets her responsibility and now the Narayan family will not be able to show their face to anyone. Simar tries to call Reema but her phone is switched off.

Reema tries to enter the competition but they asks her to wear her dress properly, the security tries to stop her but still she walks the ramp. Avinash calls Roma and asks if everything is fine or not. Roma handles the situation and hides the truth from him. Devesh sees Reema on the ramp, he is very happy.

Indu asks Simar where Reema has gone, what’s more important to her than her wedding. Simar tells them the truth about the Miss india contest. Gagan asks her from when these things have been going on. Simar is disturbed, Roma tells her that how even she thought of wearing the wedding dress and letting Reema sneak from there.

Indu again tells Simar to call Reema. She also asks Gagan to find some contacts from Miss India contest. Roma tells that Shobha is always ready to take revenge from her and now if she learns about this then what she will do to her. Shobha asks Chitra about her evil conspiracy, Chitra tells her to just wait and watch. Reema walks the ramp but the judges asks her to go as there is nothing like wild card entry and she is not in the list . Devesh comes and insults Reema. She tries to give explaination but he clears her doubts and asks her to leave.

Devesh tells her that she looks less of a model and more of a run away bride. She requested the judges but they ask to throw her out from the contest. Gagan comes to the contest place and asks them to let him go inside but they didn’t allow him. Reema sees Gagan and walks away from him.

Avinash welcomes the Baratis. A photographer asks them to dance but Badi Simar handles the situation and tells the photographer to take photo like this they are more comfortable. Geetanjali Devi asks Badi Simar to call Indu and other members as everybody is looking at them. And they should start other rituals too. Indu is crying, as Reema has not arrived.

The end.

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