Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th May 2021 Written Update: Vivaan offers Reema modelling assignment for the Oswal group.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav looking for Simar in Sadar bazar crowd. But he misses her. On the other hand Vivaan distress Sharma jee for models picture until he finds Reema’s photo, he confirms Reema for their assignment and takes her contact number from Sharma jee. Sharma jee informs him that Reema is only interested in International modelling.

Aarav meets Reema at the cafeteria. They share their thoughts. Aarav goes to bring coffee for her meanwhile Vivaan calls Reema and asks her to meet in five minutes. She wants her pendrive so she agrees to him and leaves Aarav without informing. Simar also comes to the same cafeteria she looks at Aarav and feels for him. Aarav brings coffee but finds that Reema has left. He gives the coffee to a couple and ask them to share while Simar watches all these and feels move attracted towards Aarav.

Vivaan finds Reema and gives back her pendrive. Vivaan tells her he works for Oswal group and offers her modelling for their group. Reema feels very happy. Simar finds a temple and prays to God for Aarav and asks God to give her some sign that he is the one for her. Simar again bumps into Aarav’s car. Aarav scolds her but she gets flash back of him. Then Aarav honks at her and asks her to leave the road so that he can move. Reema jumps of happiness on road, Vivaan looks at her from behind. They share a glance and then moves on.

Roma and Lalit visits temple. As Lalit was getting late for office so he left. Roma tells him about dinner invitation from Indu and Avinash. As they were celebrating their marriage anniversary. Roma tells to God about Reema and Simar’s alliance for Oswal family. she gets a flower, Pandit jee tells her that her wish will be fulfilled. Roma seems very happy.

Simar was busy eating panipuri. While Reema finds her. Simar tells her she could not find her as they have only one mobile phone so she cannot contact her. For that Reema tells now will buy new phone, new car and fulfill all our dreams. Simar was surprised. Then Reema tells her about her modelling assignment with Oswal group. Simar warns her about Avinash reaction on modelling. Reema consoles her that without Avinash permission she will not do anything. That share their happiness.

The episode ends.

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