Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th November 2022 Written Update: Finally the statue is burned out

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the apolization of Simar to Badima as she blindly supported Aarav. Badima completely understands her situation. Gajendra also supports Simar but he asks her when Aarav will awake from his deep slumber, then what will they do. Simar requests them to calm down, she will manage everything. After some conversation on the phone, Giriraj requests Chitra to attend a invitation of one of his Bengali friend. But Chitra reluctantly says that she will not go anywhere. Gajendra also insists Sandhya to attend a Bengali invitation of his friend, but Sandhya also disagrees to go anywhere. Gajendra and Giriraj report Badima that Sandhya and Chitra are denying to go out anywhere. Simar becomes tensed to listen them.

Suddenly Reema arrives there with a new statue. On the asking of Badima, Simar says that it is the copy of the original statue. Others unboxes the statue which is totally resemble with the original one. Simar explains that they would replace the statue with dublicate one and Aarav will free from the captivation. Badima is asked to arrange the puja for once again. She also tells that Sandhya and Chitra shouldn’t be aware of this dublicate statue. Simar puts her own bangle on the hand of the false statue. Maharajji is asked to take the false statue on the upstairs hiding the observation of others. But surprisingly, being extremely angry Chitra and Sandhya start quarrelling with everyone. They are insisted to go inside. But they say in Bengali that others are trying to cheat with them and call them as the imposter. The more he tries to convince them, the more angry they became.

Chitra and Sandhya shout and threat that if anyone even try to expel the statue, they will be harmed. They both warn Gajendra, Giriraj and finally Simar that the result of driving away the statue, will not be good one. When they learn that this statue might be replaced, they put their effort to be entangled from the hands of others. But Simar orders Reema to bring a candle. Sandhya and Chitra are stopped by the males. Simar creates a false mark of the burning on the face of the false statue. Chitra and Sandhya shout from the window and ask Aarav to awake from the sleep.

Simar finally creates a mark of burning on the face of statue. She also adjoins she won’t allow anymore evil and monsterous attitude in the house. Being totally fired up, Chitra and Sandhya powerfully try to awake Aarav, but Vivaan, Gajendra and Giriraj drag them inside. Simar locks the door of the Aarav, runs to Chitra and Sandhya. They both scream from outside to awake him. Finally Aarav also feels and listens some sound from the past and awakes from the sleep. After getting back the senses, Aarav notices the dual statue together. He continues her monologue. He confirms the statue that he will not do any mistake to identify the right one. He apolizes to the statue as she has been tolerating everything from all these tantrums.

But when Simar enters in room, Aarav still in his slumber. Reema is asked to take away the statue. Guruji continue the last rite ritual, but Chitra and Sandhya vehemently shout to stop the pooja. Therefore, guruji spreads some auspicious water on them to stop them. Guruji asks the males to take the murti behind of there house where a funeral bed is arranged. After finishing the statue, they have to wait. servants finally removes the statue from there. In a field, the statue is ready to get burned on the Chita. Simar hails her last words for the Laboni and burn out the statue. Simar prays to Matarani to help them out. Guruji is also acknowledged and credited by Badima for his good will to save the Oswaal. Badima wishes that she wants to visit mahaguruji. Aarav tells the statue that it impossible to distract himself from her and others are befooled by them. Simar tells to herself now they are safe from the evils.
Episode ends.

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