Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th August 2022 Written Update: confronts Reyansh about abortion

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the pretension of Ishita of being pregnant. Chitra encourages Reyansh to act according to the plan. In spite of being puzzled, Reyansh tries to dissemble the fact. Ishita and Reyansh, together apologie to Badima for their desperation before marriage. Being vexed Badima vaguely stares at them. Chitra stands for them by minimising their faults. She explains this is not a big deal. It’s quite natural to have a physical relationship before the marriage. Badima yells at Chitra as she becomes a servant of western culture.

Chitra gives the example of Aditi. Being exasperated, Badima explains how Reyansh and Ishita pretended to be innocent. This news also enough reason to defame of Oswaal family. But Simar doubts something else. She remembers the prescription which she found in doctor’s chember. She promises herself that she would find the true fact.

In the kitchen, Reema is asked where she was in the first round, but she lies and give excuses to handle his curiosity. Suddenly Rudra calls Reema, but she confused whether she would receive his call or not. Reyansh on his knees apologies to Badima. He says if she wouldn’t allow the true fact, it’s better to abort the baby. To listen the word ‘abortion’, she becomes furious. She says it’s a sin to abort a baby and rebukes for Reyansh’s audacity. Badima becomes hyper and starts to cough.

Simar calls Kavya to know the truth whether she went in the hospital. Kavya is exasperated in the situation and starts to cry. Simar tries to calm her down and asks her to say the truth. But Simar is asked to go inside by Aarav. Meanwhile, Badima is confused to listen Chitra and Pallavi. Chitra gives the reasons why they were compelled to complete the marriage. Pallavi explains why they get fear when Badima declared to break the marriage. She also asks Badima to forgive them, as Ishita and Riyansh are still not mature enough.

Badima forgives Ishita and Reyansh and accepts the baby from her soul. Reyansh again apologies for his guilts. Reyansh shares some sweets to Simar, but Simar holds the hand of Reyansh, staring at his eyes. Simar confronts Reyansh why she went in the hospital, why was abortion prescribe in the prescription. Reyansh is in a quandary. Everyone looks puzzled. Again she emphasizes her question. Reyansh gives the excuses of Ishita’s pregnancy.

Badima confronts Reyansh, what’s the true matter! Chitra blames Simar she is the main obstacle of Reyansh’s happiness. Reyansh accuses Simar and defines her as a psycho. She says Kavya is on the line of the phone call, Reyansh snatches the phone and scolds for her nagging attitude. Simar says she would prove whether she is right or wrong!
Episode ends.

Episode starts with announcement of Simar’s doubt about Riyansh. Suddenly Aarav asks about her confusion and she doesn’t say anything. Against she went to the doctor’s chember making queries for Riyansh but doctor denies to share the details of the patient. After the leaving the doctor, Simar checks the copy of the last prescriptions which was prescribed for Riyansh. After many trail, she finds the word abortion related to Riyansh. She becomes confused and nervous. Somehow she gets herself out from the doctor’s office.

Reema, Sandhya Vivaan appreciate Badima’s enthusiasm and courage for taking part in the ramp walk. Reema asks Badima, how did she feel to live in her dream. Reema purposes to be a super model. Badima and Vivaan assures to be so. Sandhya asks Badima when did she decide to join them in the ramp walk. Badima says it’s her responsibility to stand beside them. Then Badima take queries about Aditi, whether she is okay or not. Vivaan shows a clip of stunning her pose where she looked completely gorgeous. Other agree with him.

Being inebriated, Ishita fails to control herself and comes to discuss with Badima with her trembling footsteps. She wants to say something to Badima but she continues to blabber. Suddenly she vomits in the mid of her conversation. When Badima doubts whether she drinks alcohol or not. Being nervous for the questions of Badima, Pallavi and Chitra declare that Ishita is vomiting because she is pregnant.

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