Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2021 Written Update: Avinash tells the truth to Badi Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav posing for the photographs and waiting for the garland ceremony. Indu calls Gagan to know what happened but Gagan tells her that Reema is not there. Indu asks Simar where is Reema as she promised to come with in two hours but now where is she? Avinash comes and asks them to get ready her fast, he finds Indu crying so he consoles her but then he finds that the girl in bridal dress in not Reema it’s Simar. He is shocked. He asks about Reema.

Devesh meets Reema and taunts her that she doesn’t belong to Miss India contest as he already told her. He gives her a penny and tells her that he has shown her the real place for her. She is very angry on him and tells him that he has kept her in dark. She going to slap him but he catches her hand and asks her not to repeat her mistake. Devesh tells her that she used him and then Vivaan and now getting married to Aarav. He reminds her about her marriage and tells her that she has lost the wedding and even her family dignity.

Everybody is waiting for the bride. Chitra asks Sandhya to call Reema for the garland ceremony. Avinash tells them if something happens to him Simar is the solo responsible. He also tells that in his life he earned only dignity but lost it due to his daughters. Simar tells that Reema will be back in few hours. Roma asks Avinash to slow down but Avinash tells her that how she could hide the truth from everyone. Avinash decides to tell the truth to everyone. He regrets that one of his daughter run away from her wedding and another daughter is dressed up as bride.

Badi Simar hears everything Avinash told. All of them are in shock to see Badi Simar. Badi Simar asks Chote Simar what is doing in bridal dress and where is Reema? Reema tries to call Simar and takes rickshaw to reach home. Avinash opens his turban and gives it to Badi Simar and with folded hands he tells to Badi Simar that he has told everything to her but he don’t have the courage to tell this to Geetanjali Devi and Oswal family. He tells her that he will sell himself and compensate them.

Avinash comes and tells to Chote Simar that now she don’t deserve this family so please leave the house, he holds her hand and tries to throw her out of the house. Badi Simar holds her hand back and ask Avinash to wait. She then closed the door and tells that now nobody will go anywhere. She plans to hide the truth about Reema and tells that nobody outside this room knows about the truth. She advised them that Chote Simar will take the place of bride.

The end.

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