Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th September 2021 Written Update: Chitra brings Devesh back to take revenge from Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivaan getting Reema’s flash back. Simar enters his room with some food. Hevtells her that he is not hungry. She tells him just to taste. Vivaan ask her about Rea. Simar informs him that she is at home and is fine. Vivaan tells her that he cannot call her and go behind her as she had given him promise not to come behind her. Vivaan tells Simar that she is little different, Simar explains him that if someone is different doesn’t mean the she is wrong. Simar then tell him that for the first time he only called her Bhabhi, so with that relation he should taste her food. Vivaan then tastes it, she then ask him to finish all.

Roma calls Simar, she takes her call and leaves Vivaan. Meanwhile a car appraches, a man walks behind the car and come to see the person in car. It is Chitra in the car and the man is Devesh. Chitra welcomes Devesh, she have some plan for Reema. Chitra pays to Devesh and he tells her that this aslo he didn’t have taken any money, but durle to Reema his condition is such that he needs money. He promises to Chitra that this time he will not leave any space for her to escape.

Roma hesitatingly talks to Simar and tells her that the idea she gave her to make hampers for pooja, she ia ready to do still Lalit should also be working. So she request her that Aarav is having such a big business so if he could give Lalit a small job in his office, as he is his brother also. Lalit hears her conversation, she hangs her call.

Lalit shouts at her that what she is doing. He tells her that he doesn’t want to work under his younger brother. Roma tells him that he have to work with them not under them. He tells her that she doesn’t know them properly, he also tells her that he asked her not to marry her sister in that house that time also she didn’t listen to him and same thing she is repeating now. Roma tells him that she is tired of working for his mother. He tells her that wedding is going to happen in this house so they will some work load. Lalit tells him that she don’t have patience as yesterday only he promised her that he will get a job soon.

Divya ask Vivek that why didn’t he informed his family about their plan. He tells her that he is waiting for the right time. She ask him to take a seperate house as she worries about his mother’s behaviour. He tells her that if now they will shift to another house they they will not get any property and all will be given to his brother. She tells that if his mother will behave same as her bhabhi then she will not tolerate.

Gagan and Aditi secretly talks on phone. She ask him to take her away, while he tells her to wait for the right time. Reema hears their conversation. She ask him to stop. She tells him that they have gone so far away in their revenge that they have spoiled Aditi’s and Vivaan’ s life. As Aditi and Vivaan is madly in love with them, but Reema says that she cannot love anything apart from her career and herself. Gagan ask whether everything is fine between them? Reema reveals to Gagan that she had left that house forever and is not going back to Vivaan. She tells him that Vivaan doesn’t deserve her, he deserves better.

Griraj stops Vivaan to go back to Reema, he tries to justify himself. Sandhya ask Aditi for medicine, Simar comes and gives her the medicine. Sandhya ask her about Reema. Simarvthen reveals her that she got job at radio station as a singer. Sandhya is in shock.

The end

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