Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th August 2022 Written Update: Simar is given a new responsibility

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the argument between Simar and Reyansh about Kavya. Simar says she would prove this things by checking the cctv footage. Rudra offers a model of a brand and invites her to come in Mumbai. Reema hesitates to grab the offer and she thinks about the opinion of Vivaan. But Reema is provoked to come in Mumbai for few days without taking the permission of Vivaan. Suddenly Vivaan calls her to go in ground floor to support Simar.

Badima agitates about the defaming of Oswal family by Reyansh. Reyansh confesses that Kavya really came there to meet him. She tried to blackmail him for money. Again Reyansh deliberately slanders to traduce Kavya. He operates the issue in a another way to accuse Simar publicly. Ishita also joins him to let them leave in their peaceful life. She requests to let them celebrate all least one function in their own way. Reyansh adjoins that he will make it clear later as he didn’t had any guilt. Simar is stopped to anything more by Aarav. Badima wants to talk with Simar privately. Badima asks Simar whether Ishita is truly pregnant or not. She adjoins that if there is any falsity about the pregnancy, Ishita couldn’t hide this truth longer. Badima also gives the responsibility of the new forthcoming baby to Simar. She also says she is satisfied with her life as she is going to witness the member of her fourth generation. Simar is blessed to fulfill her wishes in the future.

In the next morning, Rakhibandhan function is organised in Oswal family. Gagan is asked to stop overcaring Aditi as their gift. But he denies to do so, but Gagan gifts them something else. Aditi ties the rakhi to Aarav, Vivaan and Reyansh. Badima also ties a dhaga or rakshasutra to Ishita’s hand to protect the forthcoming baby from all the danger and problems. Pallavi and Chitra screw themselves up for their own trap. Both get nervous to think how would they handle this web of deceitfulness. Reyansh interrogates Ishita whether this news is true or not. He is not ready to be a father. Ishita knows that it takes 3 or 4 months to notice the baby bump. Ishita tries to win the favor of Badima within these few months. Being nervous, Chitra and Pallavi leave the room. Ishita grabs Riyansh’s hand and asks her what he was doing in the hospital.

Reema gives Vivaan a rose and hugs him lovingly. They both start romancing and dancing behind the door. Reema asks Vivaan to go for a vaccation. Viaan looks astonished. He is so happy to that he cann’t even digest what Reema is saying herself to him. They both look happy together.

On asking, Riyansh lies to Ishita that he was in hospital because, he got boils in his bump and that’s why he got embarrashed in front of others and cannot speak a word. Ishita gets convinced with his answer. Ishita laughs to hard on Riyansh.

Episode ends with, Riyansh and Ishita’s laugh at how they have made fool of others in downstair and they manage to get the whole situation under their control. But suddenly Gagan catches them laughing in their conversation from behind and asks them if they are aware of what they are doing?

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