Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th January 2023 Written Update: Vivaan turns out to be a dangerous evil

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th January 2023 Written Update on

SEpisode starts with the struggling of Vivaan and Simar finding a way out from that evil world. Vivan roaming around the whole forest could not find any way out from that mysterious world. When Simar also sighs not to find any concluded path or solving key. Here, Aarav is asked call auto dhi connect with Simar through his strong emotion. Aarav shares a long monologue of his emotional heart, he reminisences the past memories of their love, how the two got attached and fail in the love for each other and picked up each others for the rest of their life. In spite of having the resistance from the family both Simar and marriage each other and happily spend their days. Aarav triggers off his emotion and tries to connect with Simar to share the secret. Finally Aarav screams with the name of Simar and here she also feel something very magical in his heart. In the last moment of the episode Simar response to the call of Aarav. Simar calls with the name of Aarav.
Aarav excitedly says he has abled to connect with Simar. Reema asks Simar to come infront of the mirror. Simar steps forward to the mirror.

Debojit says this is most crucial opportunity to finish their goal. Again Debojit calls those good spirits for helping them. As soon as the good spirit of the glass jar comes out, it shows on the mirror the other side its world. Then Simar can see Aarav and here Oswals members also can see Simar. First of all they both get excited, overvolting emotion makes them happy then Reema reminds that did they don’t have many time. Simar and Aarav both ask each other how bad they miss for the long time.

Then Reema tells her in haste that mis magical mirror has won key whole. Simar ka asked to find out that hole. But she couldn’t find it at first. Aarav asks her to pull the mirror, but it is too heavy to pull. Then Badima asks her to recall the blessing of Matarani. With the aid of matarani, Simar finds out the key hole. After finding out the keu hole, Simar is known that there is a key of that almirah. Simar tries her best to find out that key at first, but she can’t find it.

Here, Dubru wakes from the slumber, he remembers how he has fallen into slumber. Then he wakes the two jokers. Dubru decides to punish both Simar and Vivaan for making them fool. Here, Simar at first finds out that key, opens up the almirah and takes out that particular box, in which the key of Mirror is kept. But that small box is locked with another key, which is not known to them. Simar is asked to break or hammer the box with something heavy. But Dubru appears here.

Dubru looks outrageous seeing Simar. When he steps forward to kill her, then Vivaan stops Dubru. Here, Dubru starts fighting with Vivaan, meanwhile Simar tries her best to open up that box, but that locked box doesn’t open though it is being hammered. Then, Dubru comes to her, again Vivaan makes him busy in fighting, then Simar breaks the box with a heavy jerk, and the key comes out. The fighting continues with three jokers, when Simar goes to unlock that mirror, Dubru threats her about Vivaan. Of she dares to open that he will kill vivan with a heavy flower vase. Here, Oswaals ask her to concentrate on her own process, but Chitra looses her sense seeing Vivaan in danger. Others also do panick. Then all the connection through mirror gets disconnected. Debojit says there is nothing to do more.

Here, Dubru binds Vivaan with rope, and Simar is mocked by Dubru. Simar and Vivaan are forced to have two bowls of soup. As soon as they will take that, they will be transformed into jokers. Simar and Vivaan don’t agree to do that. Then Simar is threatened with fiery boundary. To save Simar from fire, Vivaan drinks that soup and turns out dangerous evil.
Episode ends.

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