Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th June 2021 Written Update: Choti Simar is ready to be the bride

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Badi Simar trying to explain how Chote Simar supports them and Reema ran away from her wedding. She also tells that Simar was trying to help her elder sister. She realises them that Reema ran away with showing no responsibility towards her parents. Avinash states that whoever has done mistake the wedding won’t be able to complete. Badi Simar tells that Geetanjali Devi called her to Agra to choose a bride for Aarav and now with all the hints Mata Rani has given her, it shows that Chote Simar is the perfect bahu for Oswal family.

Gagan calls Roma and informs that he cannot find Reema anywhere. Roma ask him to come back fast. Badi Simar tells that wedding will take place by today itself. She requests Avinash to give her daughter Simar and to marry her to Aarav. Badi Simar goes back to flash back. She asks Chote Simar that will she choose Aarav as her life partner? She also tells her that this is a very big question for a girl and especially in these conditions, yet the decision will be hers.

Shobha and Chitra asks Geetanjali Devi to call the bride side family, atleast they asks to send the bride. Badi Simar explains Chote Simar about the relationship a husband and wife shares. She also praises her that how she sacrifices her first love for her sister Reema. She also warns her that may be nobody will accept this wedding but still she have to manage and not give up. Badi Simar gives her Mata Rani necklace to Chote Simar and tells that whenever she is week and unable to take decision, Mata Rani will help her from those obstacles. She tells to Indu and Avinash to take bride to the Mandap. But Avinash tells her that he won’t be able to support her in this decision.

Chitra and Shobha tells to Geetanjali Devi that something wrong might had happened. So Geetanjali Devi tells that she will go herself and take care of it. Reema is stuck in traffic jam. She leaves the riksahaw and runs to her wedding. Indu and Avinash are not ready to support Badi Simar decision. Chote Simar tells that the relationship is always based on trust. Badi Simar tells them the consiquences if today no wedding will take place. Roma supports Badi Simar decision. Badi Simar tells to Chote Simar that everything is in her hand, the dignity of both the families. She confronts Indu and Avinash that she will support and stand for Chote Simar, all the responsibilities she will take on her. Reema tries to run fast and reach her wedding on time. Geetanjali Devi comes to look for the Narayan family. Badi Simar with bride comes to the Mandap with her family. Chote Simar hides her face with her veil.

The end.

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