Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th November 2022 Written Update: Reema links among all the horrific incidents.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aarav’s work with statue. Simar gifts her own ear ring to put in the ear of the statue. Simar immensely encourages Aarav for his sculpture work to
enliven the statue. She hugs him when she feels the deep love for him. Aarav also agrees that he only loves her. She leaves him alone for his work. Aarav says to himself that today he would complete the statue.

Reema informs agitatedly that the statue is still there. She panicks and says that they were attacked to kill in the bank of the river. She describes the horrific incident when the shopkeeper threw the burning stove on them, but somehow Vivaan slows down, but his hand gets burned. Suddenly Reema saw that the fire shaped the figure of the dancing girl, from which Reema confirmed herself the statue is still there. Vivan supports her words. Simar becomes puzzled to think how can it be possible as they exchanged the statue. Vivaan again confirms that that evil is not destroyed.

Reema explains that the soul of the statue is roaming around them. Reema joints the links among all the murders and attack. Simar points out the funeral ceremony by Guruji. Reema points out again the enliven day of the statue. Today is the Amabasya day which was the day of the marriage day Laboni and Arindam. So the evil will try to engender their own life again today. Simar suddenly reminds of the words of Aarav and she runs towards the room.

Aarav becomes excited when he starts to work on the statue, and shares his own long monologue. When he completes the half of the statue, Simar reaches there. But when she enters in the room, she sees that Aarav is sleeping there and Sandhya guards him. Sandhya asks her to leave the statue when Simar goes to touch the statue. Simar informs Sandhya that the soul is still roaming around them. Sandhya pretends to be innocent but Chitra also comes there. Simar confounds to see Chitra with her heavy make up look. Sandhya again warns Simar about the revenge attitude of the statue. The statue might attack Simar in the new moon night.

Shandhya says Simar that today is new moon, and it is the day to evils. Simar gets scared and she runs to ties the Matarani’s pendent to Aarav. But Chitra and Shandhya stops her. Shandhya says Aarav is sleeping and he needs some rest to Simar should go and check how to resists the evil statue. Simar tries to bind the pendent to Aarav but lastly she gives it to Shandhya and leaves the room in confusion.

As Simar leaves the room Aarav gets up from his fake sleep. Shandhya asks Aarav to get the statue ready for the night. They all start pampering the statue like their own daugher, Laboni. They leave Aarav to alone with the statue to get it ready. Reema and Vivaan is searching for a news with a cursed bride. At last Vivaan finds it and Reema gets scared after reading the article and they both leave the room to inform about the story to the rests.

Shandhya and Chitra looks very happy as their daughter Laboni is getting ready for the wedding. Chitra gets a plan to make the waiting more charming. She asks Shandhya to come with her. Reema comes to Simar and informs Simar about the cursed wedding of the statue that is going to take place today, on new moon night. They both looks very nervous as thay are running out of time and they need to stop the evil.

Shandhya and Chitra is dancing out of happiness and Aarav is getting the statue ready with jewelleries. Reema says that, Arindam, lover of Laboni, used to give his wife’s jewellary to Laboni. But as Arindam get to know about Laboni she burnt Laboni’s face.They both gets married and Laboni didn’t get the Mangal Sutra. Simar gets scared and tries to save her own Mangal sutra but do not find it on her neck.

Episode ends with Simar getting devastated and nervous, as she cannot find her Mangal sutra, on the otherside Laboni, the statue is ready for her wedding with the Simar’s Mangal sutra on her neck.

Episode starts with Simar and Reema, talking about the statue. Simar thanks Reema for her support. They look relieved as they are succesfull to destroy the statue . Vivaan suggests that they should give the good news to the family, that the statue is destroyed already. They all get back to the Oswals. Gajendra and Giriraj looks happy as their wives will be normal soon. They say  Shandhya and Chitra that the statue is already destroyed. But Shandhya and Chitra looks same as before. After Giriraj and Gajendra leave , they look at each other and then look at the evil statue hiding behind a wall. Simar comes to Reema and Vivaan and proposes that tomorrow morning they should go and put the left over ashes to the river. But Reema says that Simar should stay with Aarav and they two will go for the ritual. Simar agrees but she feels guilty about the lie , she told to Aarav. She gets back to her bed room. Araav asks her about the statue, and Simar unrevel the truth to him. She tells him about how Reema has changed the statue and they all set fire on it. Aarav looks very shocked.

Aarav also explains Simar that Reema will be attacked as the theory of the statue. Aarav looks emotional, as Simar vehemently tried to drive away the statue. Simar apolizes to him. Aarav wants to punish Simar asking her to prepare some Bengali food. Simar awestrucks to listen the request of Aarav. But somehow Simar agrees to do that and suddenly hugs him to thank him for the apolization. Simar surprises to think the weird wishes of Aarav. Suddenly she enters in a room, sees that a chair is burning. A evil shadow attacks her from behind, but when Simar turns in the back, there is Sandhya. Sandhya also thanks Simar for some unknown reason. When Simar asks why does she give the thanks. Sandhya explains how she helped Aarav by replacing the original statue. There is a hammer in her hand. Sandhya asks Simar to supply a box of rock cutting instrument.

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