Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra is not agree to roll around the marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the confused state of Simar. She hears the crying of Reema and Simar starts to call the name Reema. The crow wants to say something. Meanwhile unable to control the situation, Rudra offers the Oswaal to complete the rasam before the ending the auspicious time. They can’t for the negligenxe of Simar. Badima also agrees with that. She orders Giriraj and Chitra to arrange the whole thing. Vivan praises the beauty of Mayakshi as he is waiting for the night of getting together. Mayakshi is pleased to hear that.


Aarav is clueless where is Simar. He suddenly reminds that Simar asked to have the prasad of matarani. After taking the prasad, he feels something unusual is happening inside him. Finally Simar finds Reema in dark gloomy cave, sitting inside a fiery circle. Simar requests to return in the as the home, they have to stop the ceremony of marriage. Reema says it’s already late. Simar is reluctant to take her away. Suddenly someone hurts Simar and she becomes senseless.

The engagement ceremony of Vivaan and Mayakshi has started. They both are asked to exchange the ring. At first Mayakshi is asked to exchange the ring. Everyone congratulates them and claps together. But when chitra asks Vivaan to give her the engagement ring, Vivaan thinks of Reema. Suddenly Reema appears in his illusion. Rudra and Badima emphasize then to complete the engagement ceremony. Oswaal members look satisfied and pleased. Badima tells everyone to complete the marriage by tonight, as tommorow is the day of nabaratri. She orders everyone to start up the every arrangements.
Giriraj asks Vivaan whether he is happy or not. Gajendra says absolutely he is. Rudra says to Vivaan that he is lucky as he is getting the second in his life. He will be happy with Mayakshi. Chitra also agrees with him.

Aarav is totally out of his brain, as he is not getting any clue to find Simar. Suddenly the crow appears in the nuptial arrangement, screams to say something to Rudra. To hear the news, Rudra gets fired and decides to go there by himself. Meanwhile, Simar is still senseless and Reema keeps calling her. Simar gets her sense but the fiery circle starts to burn fiercely. They both are scared and tensed. Simar promises that she will save her with harming anything. Reema asks Simar to go away from there, as she might get in danger. But Simar says she will not go anywhere, she still do everything right. Again Simar gets her sense.

Reema consistently requests her to go away from there as Rudra will come in any moment. Simar pacifies her saying that how she can forget Reema, how she can leave the place without taking Reema as she is her own sister. She will bring her in the home surely. Simar asks Reema that how did she trap herself in this whole process. Reema starts to describe the hole incident which was happened with her. How she dreamt of a wonderful and gorgeous life being a model, and how it turned to a catastrophic situation. As Reema betrayed Vivaan and Simar with their love, she has been suffering for that.

Reema describe Simar how she gave the sleeping pill and left Vivan without saying anything. She promise herself that she will return after living a day in Delhi. But this was not happened. Rudra captivated her for her own sake. Simar asked Reema what’s the original identity of Rudra. Reema says she is bad shaytan, “bura yaksh”. The whole family is a bad family of yaksh. They want to kill Reema for their own sake. Reema requests her with the folded hands to go away. But Simar says they could not harm them as always the truth wins. The power is truth is always more harder than any falsity. She gives the example of Mahishashur, how he thought that no woman can kill her. Now the time has arrived to cease the omnipotent power of Rudra. Rudra have to suffer for his provoking the Reema and giving her the punishment.

Rudra comes in the castle but cannot find Simar anywhere. Suddenly when he crosses a closed door, voice of a woman starts to him to free herself as she has been waiting for years to be free. Rudra promises that today will be the last day of her captivation and asks her to wait something more. Aarav is agitated as he can’t connect with Simar. Vivan says him that he is going start his life for once again. When Aarav expresses his agitation, Riyansh makes fun of Simar as she always becomes jealous with their happiness. Aarav rebukes him for insulting Simar.

Rudra comes and hurts Simar when she she was chanting the Durga Mantra. Rudra says to finish the life of Simar as she herself come to dedicate it.
Episode ends.

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