Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th September 2021 Written Update: Chitra and Griraj stops Vivaan from bringing Reema back

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simar telling Sandhya that she got her job at Radio station and in few days she is having her first recording. Sandhya is happy and hugs her and tells her that for such a good news why she was hesitating. Sandhya then remembers Geetanjali words about singing, she ask Simar whether she has told anyone at home, otherwise Geetanjali Devi will end her twelve more days now only and even will get angry with Aarav.

Simar tells her that she have to think for her life also as she is leaving this house in few days. She tells her that she wants to take all her responsibility on her own. She also tells to Sandhya that may be her marriage was a bluff for this family but now she didn’t want to bluff anyone that’s why she informs Sandhya about what she is going to do. Sandhya prays to God for Simar.

Vivaan tells to his parents that he is going to bring Reema back. Chitra slips and Griraj holds her and tells to Vivaan that yesterday Badi Ma called then and badly humiliated them as he is their son. Then when Chitra came back to her room she fell down and got hurt in her leg. Chitra and Griraj emotionally stops Vivaan from bringing back Reema. Chitra and Griraj leaves from there.

Devesh is waiting in his car infront of Narayan house. Chitra calls him and informs him that for this time she managed to keep Vivaan away from Reema but for longer time she cannot. She whatever he wants to do, do it fast. Devesh tells her that Reema already left her house then why she wants this now. She tells to Devesh that she wants Reema to stay permanently away from Vivaan and only her career can keep her away.

Aarav ask Simar to not to inform anyone about her singing. He tells her that if Badi Ma will know then she knows the consequences. So not to inform anyone, Simar agrees to it. Vivaan calls Reema but she doesn’t take his call. Indu brings food for her, she shows her concern. She gives her life lesson.

Aarav brings chocolate ice cream fro Simar. He tells her that he wanted to go with her to ice cream parlor but he was late so he thought to pack it and bring at home. She tells that it’s her favourite ice cream. They both are having ice cream with one spoon together. Aarav by mistake puts the bowl of ice cream on Simar. He tries to clean it with her hand. Simar fells little awkward and runs towards bathroom to clean.

Simar pours all water on her and gets wet. She ask Aarav to give her her dress as she was all wet. Aarav thought to prank her by not giving her dress. She keeps on asking and he says that it’s difficult to find her dress. Then Simar opens the door and comes out, Aarav turns his face he thought she is naked, yet she wore his kurta. When Aarav sees her, she ask him who won in this prank. She fells on his arm. Meanwhile Aditi knows the door. Simar hides behind curtain and Aarav opens the door. Simar tells him slowly to let Aditi go fast, yet Aarav wants to tease her he ask Aditi to stay and share her feelings with him.

Aarav tells to Aditi his feelings for love and it was all about Simar. Simar gets tears in her eyes, even Aarav gets tears. When Aarav finshes his heartfelt, Simar comes infront of him, she wipes her tears and tries to wipe his tears but stops. Aarav opens his eyes and ask about Aditi, Simar tells him that she left. Aarav tells to Simar that this kurta which she is wearing is now his favourite kurta and he will keep it safely. Aarav then leaves from there.

Reema calls Vivaan but she keeps silent still Vivaan finds out it’s her. Reema then gets a call from Devesh, he tells her that Vivaan has spoiled his career so now he wants to take revenge from him. He tells her that she has also taken revenge from him by marrying him and now she has left him. So his plan will only fulfill after taking revenge from Vivaan.

The end.

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