Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th September 2022 Written Update: Rudra is getting married with Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with threating of murder of Rudra to Simar. Simar gets scared in fear. Rudra brings a magic stick and raises up in the air. Simar says she will not let him prison her. He can’t do any harm with Reema. Rudra takes it as a challange. Simar forbades him to do anythingn to Reema. Rudra says how Mayakshi and Vivaan are getting married. Simar says it can’t be possible, because Vivaan truly loves Reema. So it’s unfair to force vivaan to get marry Mayakshi. Simar screams at Rudra. Rudra mocks at Simar and Reema’s innocence. As Reema has left everything just to follow them words of Rudra, she is depicted as fool. Rudra says that there’s nothing in the hand of Simar. Rudra is the omnipotent power. This marriage of Vivaan and Mayakshi is a false arrangement and this marriage will be happened. But the original marriage will be happened between Rudra and Reema. Reema screams at Rudra that he can’t do anything like that.

Mayakshi gets ready in her bridal makeup. She boasts herself and thinks that how successfully she captivated everyone with her smile. Badima appreciates her bridal beauty as she looks gorgeous. Aditi goes to see Vivaan how he looks in his dress of groom. Sandhya suggests Mayakshi to call them if she needs anything. They go out.

Mayakshi talks to herself. She tells himself that this is a false which is arranged between Vivaan and Mayakshi. But real haban will be done with Rudra and Reema. After the marriage of Rudra, he will get his ultimate goal after waiting many years. Rudra announces the auspicious time of their marriage. Reema screams at Rudra, as her spirit and heart love Vivaan only. Simar also says that it is an sin to marry forcefully. Rudra says that lets see who will win between matarani and black power.

Aarav comes to interrogate Mayakshi about Simar. Mayakshi gets feared. She lies that may be Simar is unhappy with the Simar, so may be she left the house. Mayakshi again tries to captivate Aarav, but for the praying of Simar, Aarav is not fully captivated. Simar prays to Matarani for Aarav ji. She starts to cry. Suddenly Simar sees that Reema and Rudra are getting married. Rudra says after sometime Reema’s life will be to him. Rudra says that just after sometimes Reema will belong to him. But Reema denies, she says loudly that her heart only belongs to Vivaan , and noone can separate them.

Rudra insults Reema for betraying Vivaan, and he himself waited for more than hundrade years for his real love. Rudra keeps lecturering her about eternal love. Reema and Simar keeps listening to him. Then calls someone him real love and asks her to come out. As she come out with her hair blowing over her face like a witch, Simar and Reema get shocked. She looks,exact carbon copy Reema.She comes forward. Reema looks stunned. Simar recalls that, this witch actually called her into the haunted palace. Simar asks her, ‘who are you?’. Instead of her, Rudra answers that she is Chaya, his wife.

On the other side, Mayakshi comes to the wedding stage with gorgeous look. Everyone admires are beauty. Rudra explains that Chaya was also human being. Instead of knowing that, a Yaksh and human being cannot love or marry, they loved each other and got married. After marriage Chaya keeps supporting Rudra’s dream of being ‘the most powerful creature in the universe’. Rudra gets emotional while recalling their hundred years old love story. Rudra says only Chaya knows the real meaning of love. Because, she had almost sacrifices her life for her dream. But Chaya adds, after all these sacrifices she still failed to fulfill his dream.

Rudra says, he had found out Reema as a body for Chaya after a long time. Reema starts breathing heavily out of here. Araav comes in front of Matarani and keeps praying for Simar whole heartedly. Rudra asks Reema to give her body to Chaya. Simar shouts out loudly, that she won’t let him to that. Reema keeps praying to Rudra to let her go back to Vivan. She says that she can do everything for Vivan. Rudra starts trapping her into his words. Simar tries to save her.

Vivaan also arrives at the wedding stage. Everyone looks at him with great admiration. But Vivaan does not look happy. He looks unmindful. Mayakshi asks him to come and seat beside her. He keeps recalling his and Reema’s wedding moments like flash backs. Rudra informs Reema that Mayakshi and Vivaan is getting married. Reema again look stunned. Rudra adds that after the marriage Mayakshi will kill Vivaan on him command.

Episode ends with Rudra giving a condition to Reema to get married to him, in terms of saving Vivaan’s life.

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