Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th June 2021 Written Update : Geetanjali Devi asks the bride to open her veil

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chote Simar walks toward Mandap with her family. Avinash looses his courage and stops when he sees other people and Geetanjali Devi infront of him. Indu gives him courage and asks her to complete his duty. Gagan tells him they don’t have any option other than this. Chote Simar is crying inside her veil. Chitra thinks that how Reema reached so fast as she should be in the Miss India contest.

Reema takes auto and tries to reach her wedding. Badi Simar prays to Mata Rani to give her some hint that Aarav and Chote Simar are made for each other. Chote Simar then slips but Aarav holds her in his hand, Badi Simar thanks Mata Rani. Shobha tells to Chitra if the original bride is missing then is she the duplicate bride? Chitra calls Devesh and scolds him that Reema is infront of her at her wedding, Devesh gets astronished how she could be there?

Geetanjali Devi thanked Narayan family as they keeps her condition. Photographer asks Simar to open her veil. Geetanjali Devi asks Aditi to pull bride’s veil so that everybody could see whom Geetanjali Devi have selected for Aarav. But Badi Simar stops Aditi and requests to Geetanjali Devi that Narayan family have a custom that until the wedding is complete the bride keeps long veils to hide their faces. Geetanjali Devi agrees to it.

Garlands come for the ceremony. Aditi and Reyansh asks to pull up Aarav for the ceremony. Then Badi Simar calls Gagan to pull up the bride so she could put garland to the groom. When Chote Simar trying to put garland her faces is going to be visible but meantime Aarav pulls her veil longer and tells her that he promises to Reema to protect her and her happiness is his responsibility from today onwards. Chote Simar remembers Badi Simar words that both families dignity lies in her hands and if she opposes marriage and something mishappenning happens than who will be responsible for that. She then puts garland to Aarav and then Aarav also puts back garland to her. Everybody claps.

Vivaan drinks alcohol. When Reyansh comes to take him for the Phera he tells it’s his brother’s wedding with Reema so let him enjoy. The Panditji asks the bride and groom to keep their hands on each others heart. Chote Simar hesitates but then Badi Simar supports her so she did the ritual. Reema reaches the wedding hall but on the front gate the guard is checking the invitation card so she decides to go from back door.

Now Panditji asks to tie the knot for the bride and groom. Sandhya comes and gives it to Badi Simar and tells her that she is responsible for this marriage so she should tie the knot, Badi Simar tells that it’s Mata Rani decision she is only fulfilling her duty. Vivaan takes another drink and then he sees Reema infront of him, he thinks that he drank too much that’s why he is seeing Reema everywhere. But then again he sees Reema, then he gets struck if Reema is here than who is in the Mandap with Aarav?

The Episode ends.

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