Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th September 2021 Written Update: Reema brings Aditi back

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devesh telling Reema that he will take revenge from Vivaan at any cost. Devesh offers her to come to Mumbai with him and they will together fulfill their dreams. In such big cities nobody bothers whether you are married or not. He then ask her that her marriage is over now. Reema tells him that she is not interested in his offer. He then says that he will take revenge from Vivaan.

At Oswal residence, Aditi is trying to elope from the house. But she finds guard at their gate. She then throws a stone to another side, the guard goes to check that side. She runs toward the gate yet find it locked. She worries, then she climbs the wall and tries to elpoe.

Simar tells to Aarav that now very few days are left so she wants to capture all the moments they spend together, she request him to take a photo of theirs. Aarav ask her what’s especial in this moment, she tells him that she is wearing his kurta and it smells like him. Aarav is speechless, he then takes a photo from his camera while holding Simar.

Simar request to Aarav and informs him about Roma and Lalit. She tells to Aarav that their condition is not fine that’s why Roma has requested her for Lalit’s job. Aarav tells her not to give justification as Lalit is his elder brother. Aarav then tells to Simar that for sure he will find some suitable position for his brother in his office. Simar feels relaxed. Aarav tells her that he understands how does 8t feels when their own people are in problem. Simar consoles him and tells him that everything will be fine with Vivaan and tomorrow she is going to her mother’s home, she will talk to Reema regarding Vivaan.

Devesh us angry and tells to Reema that he is not making fool of her. Meanwhile Aditi reaches infront of Narayan house. Devesh gets shock to see her then he clicks her picture and sends it to Chitra. Reema hears his words and gets worried that what Aditi is doing here. She hangs Devesh call and goes to check Aditi. Devesh is happy and thanks to God that he is having his best time as Reema was already there and now it’s Aditi also came in his trap.

Chitra checks her phone and looks at Aditi’s picture, she wakes up Griraj and informs him about Aditi. Reema come sdown to check Aditi, she finds her talking with Gagan. She tells her that this is not suitable time and she should not come to their house. Meanwhile Indu comes, Reema ask them to hide. She tells to Indu that she came to take water. Indu talks to Reema and tries to explain her to go back to her in-laws house.

Reema brings Gagan and Aditi to her room. She explains them that for what they did in past both the families had suffered badly. So she warns them not to do anything like that. Aditi tells her that she also have crossed limits to get her love. Reema tells her that after crossing limits what she had achieved, she is in her mother’s home. Oswal family didn’t accept her as Bahu. She warns them not to do like what she did. Aditi tells that she doesn’t understand anything she just knows that she cannot live without Gagan.

Aditi is not ready to leave Gagan. Reema forcefully takes her. Devesh hides his face when he sees Reema taking Aditi in her car. Everyone is looking for Aditi at Oswal Mansiin. Griraj tells to Geetanjali Devi that he thinks that Aditi again eloped with Gagan. Geetanjali Devi tells that if something like that will happen then she will shoot them. Aarav tells that Aditi is in garden. A helper informs that Aditi is no where in home they have looked for her everywhere.

Geetanjali Devi is very furious. Chitra tells that she is very confident that Aditi has gone to see Gagan. Vivaan tells that how she is so confident, he tells that whether they have checked her favourite place or not. When they check that place they find Aditi sleeping over there. Everyone is happy to fine her at home. Aarav goes to inform Badi Ma about Aditi. Geetanjali Devi tells that she wants to talk with her now. Reema hides behind and checks Vivaan. Geetanjali Devi comes and checks Aditi, she finds mud foot prints in Aditi’s room. Everyone is shocked to see this.

The end.

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