Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th November 2022 Written Update: Simar is attacked by the statue

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the attack of the evil towards Simar and Aarav. They are badly assaulted by the evil. To listen the screaming of them, Vivaan and Reema rush to their room. When they try to save them from the hand of the evil, they are also ambushed. Ultimately, when Reema and Vivaan successfully pulled Aarav out, Simar gets locked in the room again. They continue thudding on the door, don’t receive any response from the inside. Now Simar stands face to face to the statue to make a solve our their invisible dispute. Simar bursts out her anger and warns the statue to keep a safe distance from Aarav, she strongly protects her own husband from any evil. She also messages that no one can snatch or harm her husband from herself. On the confession of Simar, the statue mocks her by laughing. But Simar doesn’t turn aback. Simar points out her power of mangalsutra and the truth. She goes on that Oswaal family didn’t do any harm in the past, there was no link or bond with this family. And most importantly, there is no the right in her husband.

Vivan, Aarav and Reema thud on the door to guess what’s happening in the inside. But they don’t get any clue and get fear. Simar continues saying the power of the mangalsutra. Mangalsutra is a pledge of relationship, blessed of the God, promise of conjugal bond and also have the courage to protect her own suhag. Simar reminds the statue, possessing forcefully someone is not love. She admits that Laboni tolerated the injustice in an ultimate form. She makes her understand how mean it is to harm the innocent in terms of revenge. Simar expresses her immense love for Aarav, how Aarav is everything to her, dramatically showcases her passion towards her husband. In spite of requesting her family, Simar doesn’t open the door and goes on telling to the statue. Therefore, when Aarav and Vivaan give their effort best to break the door, but it doesn’t open, then Badima asks them to join their all hands to gather power and utters the name of maadurga. Simar defines how the whole family is with her and asks to leave the Oswaal.

Now with the help of a big box, finally the whole family togetherly open the door. They show the ultimately care to her. Badima and Aarav hug her one by one being relieved. Badima feels the importance the destruction of the statue, as it is totally detrimental to them. For the request of Badima, Guruji start the hawan to dissolve all the problem. The fire of the hawan is intensified by the stormy wind. All the furniture and things are getting unsteady in their position. Others get alerted and unnerved by the whole unrest situation. Being scared and scattered, they scream in fear. Guruji assures The work will be completed today. Already one by one they start to fall under the wrath of that harmful shadow. First Simar, then Giriraj get injured one by one. Then suddenly Badima notices the fan spinning over his head and finally it breaks down creating a tantrums among them. Everyone gets puzzled to think how handle the whole situation. Badima requests Guruji to complete the hawan. Meanwhile, Reema’s neck is tightened by a piece of long cloths, when finally they untir all knots, Reema still feels claustrophobic.

Simar realises this statue will not leave their home by itself, they have to force it. Badima also supports that they have to jointly dispel the statue. Suddenly the statue is hovering over their head, Simar asks her to fight face to face. Simar gets a strong jerk from her, then she suddenly attack it by her blessed trident. Guruji asks Badima to cover up the statue and drive away this far away from the house. The servents take away the statue outside finally. The Oswaal start the worship the matarani and express their gratitude to God.
Episode ends.

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