Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th January 2023 Written Update: Oswaal members celebrate a new festival

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the conversation of Oswaal male members. They discuss about something mysterious. They wait for the females, they also discuss about make up of females, they togetherly wait to see the dress up of the female members. Badima comes with an gorgeous make over. She is extremely appreciated Aarav, Vivaan and Gajendra. She asks to wait them for the others. Then she calls the Reema and Simar. They also dress up in a wonderful Punjabi attire. Ahead, Chitra is dressed up in a yellow colour dupatta. When all are appreciating their wives, then Gajendra misses his wife, Sandhya. Then Sandhya also appears in the door, Sandhya and Gajendra start talking, how they used to miss each other. Sandhya tells how she was waiting for coming in the home. Badima congratulate them for upcoming Lodi festival.

Everyone welcomes Sandhya ji. Chitra says now all the rituals will be performed perfectly. They all come outside for performing their new ritual. Then Aditi comes with her baby, Geet. She is also warmly welcomed by all. Badima starts worshiping the God of fire. She prays for the wellness of the family. Badima also asks the couples to move around the fire. Simar also prays for Aarav, Sandhya whispers about the wellness of Gajendra. Badima rebukes funnily why they’re not celebrating the occasion. All the males are asked to play the Dhol. All the couples start to dance cheerfully. Vivaan also dances with Reema gleefully. Aarav and Simar lost in eachother. Reema bows down touches the feet of Aarav. They all moves around happily and all look relieved.

In the next morning, all the female members go to perform Surya namaskar. God of Sun is honoured by all the females. Badima prays to the god of Sun for the well being of the family. Simar talks about the extra brightness of Sun on the day of makar Sankranti. Reema feels sun burnt. Badima discuss the importance and significance of the Makar Sankranti, how Sun moves closer to the earth from that auspicious today. Badima also suggests to perform all the rituals perfectly. She also suggests to donat something to all the Brahmins. Aarav and Vivaan welcome all the Brahmin. When one of them feels something spooky when he steps forward to the home. All the Brahmins are gifted and donated by the Oswaal members.

Particularly that Brahmin doesn’t join with others. He pranams the Matarani and stares at the every corner of the house. Then Badima and Simar come to gift him also. But he doesn’t accept the gift. Badima asks pardon if they did any mistake, but that Brahmin says if he will accept that gift, he will do sin if he accept the gift in that today. When Aarav asks the reason then the Brahmin announces that this house is cursed for something wrong, may be there is a past reason for that unfortunate incident, Simar and Sandhya say may be there is something wrong, but that Brahmin sticks in his position and says everyone will be punished for that particular crime he also declares that all the Oswaal family will be suffered for that.
Episode ends.

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