Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th November 2022 Written Update: Simar argues with Aarav for their own right

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the planning of the celebration of their freedom. Vivaan offers to Aarav to remarry Simar to put sindur on her forehead. Simar is hold in the air bu Riyansh and Vivaan, Aarav colours her forehead. Badima hugs Simar and blesses her. She is also kissed by Aarav. They all take a selfie jointly and look happy forever, celebrate their freedom from the evil.
In the night when Simar comes in her room,
she notices there are so many beautiful floral decorations in her room. Aarav asks Simar to come slowly on the path of roses.

Simar asks Aarav why did he arranged all these. Aarav expresses that he has arranged everything to acknowledge the effort of Simar, the believe she kept when they both faced the ultimate crisis.
Aarav reminds and tells all the seven promises when they got married. Simar moves around with Aarav, and listen attentively all the seven promises from his voice. The depth of his voice makes shivering to Simar. Aarav defines that how much his heart beats for her, how much he cares for her, how he gave his everything to Simar for the sake of genuine love.

Simar starts to cry being emotional, and gets a offer from a coffee date. Those coffees are made by Aarav. They feed each other with their own hands. They spent their own quality time. Aarav gives her a comfy massage on her neck. They both express how much important they are to each other.

Guruji calls Simar to inform that they have completed all their ritual to give a complete funeral to the statue. He announces that he is leaving for visiting the pilgrimages. Simar and Aarav both get relieved to listen the news. Suddenly the one beautiful girl starts engenders from the fire itself and dances in the fire, looks outrageous on something. In the morning Simar wakes up from her bed, doesn’t find Aarav in the bed. When she comes down they see that Aarav, Vivaan, Gajendra and Giriraj have left for some unknown reason. They fail to explain Badima where did they do. Suddenly a noise of others come from a side of their garden. When they reach in the court of the garden, they looks at their happy faces because all the males together are playing cricket. On the asking of giriraj, Badima rebukes all of them in terms of not taking the permission. Badima gets offended to see their casualites. Reema gets again more irritated to listen when she observes they are intentionally outcasted by all the boys. Even when all the males try to exclude the girls from their cricket fun, all the girls protest jointly. Badima prays for the well being of their family.

Meanwhile the hut of the Guruji is fired and burned in the fire. He expects again something ominous. All the devotees have died. The girl of the statue comes in front her and threats him of killing.
Episode ends.

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